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a cat infected by its owner in Belgium – Insurance for Pets

The cat had symptoms like diarrhea, difficulty breathing and infection, confirmed researchers from the Liège medical school. Emmanuel André, the inter-federal spokesperson for the covid-19 crisis in Belgium announced at a press point on Friday that the cat in question had indeed been infected by the coronavirus and transmitted by its owner, reports .

From man to animal

« This type of transmission is in the direction from human to animal and not from animal to human. It also required close contact between the animal and its owner on a daily basis, « insisted Emmanuel André. At the moment there is no evidence that animals can transmit the virus to humans. But the opposite is possible, although this is an isolated and rare case. « There is therefore no reason today to think that animals can be vectors of the epidemic in our society », concludes Emmanuel André

The National Council for Animal Protection recommends that sick people respect health rules by washing their hands well before petting their pet to avoid transmitting the virus to them. Health officials have not said whether the cat is still alive.