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a carrier pigeon sold at auction for 1.6 million euros – Insurance for Pets

On Monday November 16, a Chinese buyer became the owner of a Belgian carrier pigeon, auctioned for 1.6 million euros. A pigeon, more exactly, New Kim, two years old, which will therefore fly to China. The pigeon sport has become a real Chinese passion, which rekindles interest in this breeding, which has fallen into disuse in northern Europe, where he was born. Fans of pigeons in China, motivated by the greed, are more and more numerous: more than 400,000 registered in the different federations.

A billion euro market

The principle of the discipline is simple: the pigeons are released and the first to return safely wins. The previous record is owned by Armando, a Belgian pigeon, sold to a Chinese buyer for 1.25 million euros. He had been bought not to steal, but to breed new champions. « It is a market in Asia, and more particularly in China, in full expansion, which still weighs more than a billion euros », specifies the correspondent of France Télévisions, Arnauld Miguet.

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