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87% self-employed people fear income loss due to corona crisis – Insurance for Pets

HOLLANDS KROON – The corona virus causes a lot of income stress among working people, especially among self-employed people with and self-employed people without personnel. No less than 87 percent of Dutch self-employed people who completed the Wage Guide’s Corona survey are afraid of earning less next month.

The difference is large compared to employees with a normal employment contract. Of this group of employees, only 11 percent are afraid of earning less. Self-employed workers and other self-employed persons, workers who by definition already have more uncertainty, are now experiencing the consequences of the corona crisis.

Since the start of Loonwijzer corona research, 8,000 people worldwide have completed the survey, including more than 600 Dutch people. The questionnaire is suitable for anyone who works or normally has work, including self-employed workers and temporary workers. Questions that come up in the survey include:

  • Do you have to do your work from home?
  • Is the work hampered by the corona crisis?
  • Has the workload increased or decreased?
  • Have you lost your job or work?
  • Are (sufficient) protective measures taken at work?

Research into work and private life

In addition to the above-mentioned questions, inquiries are made about the home situation, such as the composition of the household. The influence of pets on the perception of the crisis is also discussed. Based on all the answers, Loonwijzer presents the latest results every day, using maps and infographics.

Stichting Loonwijzer aims to share information about wages and labor law through its websites and to compare it at a global level. For this survey, the international Loonwijzer team collaborates with renowned research institutes at home and abroad. With this data, they can closely monitor the development of the corona crisis and its impact, in more than 110 countries.

The Dutch survey can be found at .