Insurance for Pets

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How the Internet stood up

Half of humanity is now confined: 4 billion people who hold meetings by videoconference, download films, stream music and teach at a distance. The networks were oversold and the fear was that they would fail. As a precaution, the French government has even requested that the launch of the Disney + platform be postponed, while Youtube and Netflix have also reduced their speed. Isabelle Lesniak immerses us in the bowels of the network.

Where have the birds gone?

We cannot imagine our world without them. Their disappearance would mean ours too. Yet there is an urgent concern for their preservation. In twenty-five years, France would have lost some 30% of its birds and the figures for North America are almost double. The cause: intensive agriculture, which deprives them of their food and their habitats. As nature reclaims its rights in these times of confinement, Stefano Lupieri examines the danger that threatens birds. And what to do quickly to preserve them.

Top Chef, the lucky star of M6

Since February 19, the great culinary competition « Top Chef » is back on our screens, for the eleventh consecutive year. In a few years, the cooks reached the rank of rock-star and the public asked for more. And even if they have to leave their restaurants during filming, for the participating chefs, it is the assurance that they will not be full from the first notes of the credits. Cécilia Delporte has slipped behind the scenes of these lucrative shows.

Boris Johnson, the coronavirus accident

Presented as a dilettant populist upon taking office, the British Prime Minister had, so far, rather well managed his boat. But the health, political and economic shock of the coronavirus came to complicate everything. At first, Boris Johnson had opted for a policy of collective immunity before changing his mind. Especially since the head of government himself suffered from the Covid-19. Story of a flip-flop by Alexandre Counis, correspondent for Les Echos in London.

Lebanon: the diaspora’s cry of alarm

In Lebanon, strict containment has helped contain the coronavirus epidemic, while worsening the economic crisis. At more than $ 85 billion, the country’s debt rises to 150% of GDP and the country may soon be in default. Banks are already opening intermittently and only issuing currencies in a dropper. While the revolt is booming, our great reporter Pierre de Gasquet went to meet the Lebanese diaspora. Very mobilized, it helps keep the country above water, through its financial support.

Never without my dog!

Big winners of this containment, pets are more and more numerous in our homes. More than 70% of Americans have them, with a great preference for dogs, sometimes taking the place of the child. Their happy owners spent $ 72 billion in 2018, mostly on food, a figure that has tripled in twenty years. A surprising investigation by Anaïs Moutot, correspondent for Les Echos in the United States.

« Millénium », the saga from the cold

The thrillers have the wind in their sails in these times of confinement. Among the most popular French novels, the Millennium saga, a literary triumph. The Swedish work is now translated in 25 countries and represents for Actes Sud, its French publisher since 2008, an absolute jackpot with 30 million euros of turnover estimated the first year. Isabelle Lesniak tells us from behind the scenes of a phenomenon.

When is a coronavirus vaccine due?

The mobilization is unprecedented to find a solution to the first pandemic of the 21st century. First clinical trials are just starting in Seattle. But as with any vaccine, the road to mass production promises to be long. And if successful, the needs would reach billions of doses to protect the entire planet, as explained to us by Olivier Schwartz, scientific director of the Institut Pasteur.