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4 Tips to arm your home against the weather – Insurance for Pets

MEDEMBLIK – Sun, rain, wind, hail and frost: your house and garden have a lot to endure throughout the year. Do you want to know how you can best protect your home against the elements of nature? Below you will find four useful tips.

Choose sun blinds

With summers getting warmer, sun protection is not a superfluous luxury. After all, nothing is more annoying than lying awake because your bedroom looks like a sauna. Thanks to sun protection, it is quickly around 5 to 7 degrees cooler in the house. Therefore choose sunscreens or sunscreens for your home, or place a sunshade with articulated arm if you also want to immediately create a shady spot in the garden. You can of course enjoy yourself here, but also your pets and some plants will be grateful for this cool spot in the open air.

Install shutters

Roller shutters have several advantages. First of all, it protects your home against storm and hail damage. In addition, roller shutters act as sun blinds and help to insulate your windows (reducing the amount of cold coming in). Moreover, roller shutters not only help to protect your home against nature, but also against burglars. Finally, roller shutters give you a bit of privacy and have a sound-dampening effect. This is very practical if you live in the middle of the city or along a busy road.

Go for insulation

Insulating your house properly reduces the amount of cold coming in considerably. This is of course not only comfortable for you and your family members; your heating costs are also considerably reduced. Check all windows, doors and cracks and invest in double glazing and extra insulation. Consider carefully which type of insulation best suits your home. In some homes you save the most with cavity wall insulation, while in other homes roof or floor insulation is the most advantageous.

Don’t forget the garden

Not only do you have to protect your home against nature, the garden also needs attention. Especially with frost it is wise to walk an extra round through the garden. Check here whether all external faucets are closed and protect your plants against the cold. This way you can put some plants in the shed better. In addition, a layer of leaves over your plants also provides a good protective layer to protect against the cold.

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