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3 situations in which you must complete an amicable report – Insurance for Pets

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Although an amicable report allows, by definition, to report an accident involving two vehicles, there are in reality several cases. You can in fact just as easily complete a report if you are the only vehicle involved or, on the contrary, if more than two vehicles are involved. Here are the 3 main cases requiring to draw your European traffic accident report.


1. You are the only one involved

First scenario: the accident in question only involves your vehicle. In most cases, this situation arises following a loss of control that has resulted in a collision with another object, or even a pedestrian or an animal. When this happens, and even if there is no other vehicle involved, the front and back of the joint report should be completed. You will of course only complete the part concerning you, and must specify that it is an accident on its own. If the responsibility of a third party is engaged (pedestrian or animal for example), take and add the contact details of the person as well as those of his insurance company, and do not forget the importance of adding witnesses if necessary .

Note: by default, you will be responsible in the event of an accident alone, hence the importance of gathering this information if you think you can be compensated.

2. Another vehicle is involved

The most classic case requiring a European road accident report: an accident involving two vehicles. In this situation, you will each have to complete the part concerning you on the front, then individually complete the back of your amicable report sheet. Remember, all the elements must be strictly indicated on the report (material damage, bodily injury, places, signs, point of impact, position of vehicles, name of lanes, etc.). In the event that the other party refuses to complete the report, note his license plate as far as possible, as well as the contact details on the insurance sticker (contract number in particular). This will allow you to indicate it on your report, so that your insurance company can identify the third party. Again, don’t forget the cookies.

3. Several vehicles are involved

Last case, and not the least: the accident involves more than two vehicles. A rather impressive situation, but which is unfortunately not uncommon. It suffices for you to be struck from behind, and for the force of the collision to send you to strike… the vehicle in front of you! When this type of accident occurs, it is extremely important to complete a report with each of the drivers concerned. The front car will fill in a report with the middle car (you), the middle driver (again you) will fill out a report with the front one and one with the one behind, and the rear driver will fill out a report with the driver of the middle (always you). In all cases, specify that it is an accident involving several vehicles (sketches and observations).

CAUTION: It often happens that, when the collision still allows the vehicles to travel, the driver who caused the collision from the rear takes flight. Although things happen very quickly in the heat of the moment, try as much as possible to immediately find the registrations of the vehicles involved in this multiple car crash. As always, the presence (and therefore the accuracy) of witnesses is an essential advantage. Go, be careful and have a good trip!

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