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20th day of confinement: the number of hospitalizations drops in Drôme, not in Ardèche – Insurance for Pets

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The essential

In its daily statement, the Regional Health Agency recorded 2 new deaths in hospitals in the Drôme this Sunday, April 5. This brings the number of victims of Covid-19 to 57 in the department. The Ardèche has deplored 26 victims since the start of the crisis (no deaths on Sunday).

In total, there are 251 people hospitalized in the Drôme (-3 compared to Saturday April 4) and 125 were able to return to their homes (+6). In Ardèche, 93 are hospitalized (+6), and 131 have returned to their homes (-1).

In nursing homes, the ARS currently lists 256 “confirmed and possible” cases in Ardèche, 75 in Drôme. The number of deaths is 27 in Ardèche, six on the other side of the Rhône. Finally, 161 nursing staff in Ehpad are or would be carriers of the virus in Drôme-Ardèche this Sunday, April 5.

Finally, the ARS has 2,983 patients, affected by Covid-19, hospitalized in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. This corresponds to an increase of 109 cases compared to Saturday April 4. Since the start of the epidemic, 508 people in the region have died (an increase of 30 people in one day). 1,756 people (+62 compared to the previous day) were able to return to their homes.

19 HOURS : Every day, on his website, Michel Béatrix, from Tournon-sur-Rhône, Shares a poetic writing text relating to an image, a character, an animal or a thought entitled « There was an evening, there was a morning … ». In parallel, Jean Roquebrun, from Tain-l’Hermitage, keen on history and heritage, host of Tain Terre et culture, shares an illustrated historical text every morning on the two cities of Tournon / Tain, concerning its heritage and famous people but also their architecture. This publication is called “Un jour une image…”. To receive his newsletter, write to

6:20 p.m. : Attendance at the hospital emergency room Montelimar resumes. The hospital center had recorded a drop of nearly 50% in hospitalization cases not linked to the coronavirus since the start of confinement. This April 5, 2020, non-Covid pathologies, such as stroke, appendicitis and other general pathologies reappear. Regarding the evolution of the epidemic within the hospital, « there is no wave of cases », reassures the director of the establishment Michel Cohen. The occupancy rate of beds in the unit dedicated to patients with or possibly suffering from Covid-19 is 80% (i.e. 13 free beds out of 67) and that of intensive care beds is 90% (i.e. 2 free beds out of 24). Continuous monitoring places have been reduced from 10 to 7 beds.

Municipalities that have implemented a curfew

Which municipalities have implemented a curfew? Discover it on our interactive map.

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4.30 p.m. : Departments ofArdeche and the Drome will cooperate in the event of massive post-containment tests. In any case, what the two presidents announced on Saturday April 4. The Ardéchois could thus benefit from the departmental laboratory of analysis of Drôme to conduct these tests. For Laurent Ughetto, this bi-departmental cooperation illustrates the “will to anticipate and succeed in this step which will be gradual but which will depend on our ability to support the exit from the crisis linked to Covid-19 by having the means to test in a way massive population ”. Specifying: « Alongside public and private Ardèche laboratories, the departmental laboratory in Drôme will be a valuable asset in this context if it is approved by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran. « 

The firefighters of Saint-Marcel-lès-Valence now have barbecue meat. Photo DR

2:45 p.m. : Like every day of the week, the Caravanes solidaires association, based in Valence, distributed this Sunday 5 April dishes and other desserts to support the most exposed people. After making donations to the nursing staff of the Valence hospital center and an Ehpad, it was the firefighters of Saint-Marcel-lès-Valence who were treated to barbecue meat, kindly provided by L’Étoile du nord butcher. They can also taste oriental pastries and tiramisu offered by the Muslim community and the faithful of the Valencia mosque.

2:30 p.m. : The inhabitants of Paris, Versailles, Créteil but also Toulouse and Montpellier (zone C) seem to have respected the instructions to stay at home. TheA7 is empty of any car, as evidenced by this photo taken at the beginning of the afternoon from the bridge spanning the motorway at Saulce-sur-Rhône.

The empty A7. Photo The DL / G.B.

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Because they save lives: send us your messages of support for caregivers

More and more people are cheering at health workers from your windows or balconies at 8 p.m. every day. We want to make more noise for them. Now it’s up to you: to pay tribute to those who are fighting on the front line in the face of the coronavirus epidemic, send us your messages (videos, texts, photos, drawings …) by email, specifying your first name and your place of residence. We publish these messages every day on the last page of the newspaper.

1:30 p.m. : AT Annonay, without waiting for the end of confinement and the reopening of shops, the Annonay plus traders’ federation, in partnership with Annonay Rhône Agglo, is preparing a « revival plan » for the local economy, based on local shops. Its objective is to constitute a fund of 100,000 euros to encourage consumers to « amplify the economic recovery, but also to favor the local fabric ». Companies, institutions and individuals are called upon to make a donation to contribute to this fund. The amount collected will be used to « offer residents gift vouchers to use locally at the time of recovery and thus create a positive shock for local trade at the end of the confinement, » said the federation of traders. To make a donation, a Leetchi kitty was launched.

12.30 p.m. : AT Valence, Masks on the mouth and chest full of provisions, two Valentinois, Vanik Mkrtchyan and David Margaryan, carried out on Saturday April 4 a distribution tour of Armenian specialties. They offered the preparations to the carers of the hospital center, the firefighters and the city police. They invite, in a video posted on Facebook, Internet users to multiply solidarity actions. They intend to repeat these operations in the coming days.

René pays tribute to the nursing staff every evening at 8 p.m. Photo The DL / M.C.

11:55 a.m. : Perhaps you will hear it this evening. AT Saint-Jean-de-Muzols, a resident, René Tranchand, found an original way to join the national movement paying tribute to the nursing staff every evening at 8 p.m. Member of the Tain-l’Hermitage fanfare drums, L’Écho de l’Hermitage, he plays his bass drum in front of his house, to the applause of the neighborhood.

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Photo Michel

11:30 am : The city center of Valence idles, like everywhere in France. Consequence: the car parks are emptying, even those, free, where the place was worth gold before confinement. In Lower Town, next to the Jean-Bouin hall, the parking lot only has a few cars. As evidenced by this photo sent by Michel, loyal reader of Dauphiné Libéré who lives in rue Jean-Bouin: « I never have a memory of such an image, » he said.

AT Thank, during the confinement period, Mercurart offers the free digital version of books it has published. They relate to plastic works by artists with whom the gallery cooperates. Each week, a work is offered. To receive the PDF file, simply send an email to Last week, Mercurart proposed to discover “The Artist’s Choice”, with texts signed Jean-Claude Millet, about  » a watercolor of 150 cm by 100 cm by Dalva Duarte.

A certificate to be cut out in Le Dauphiné Libéré

In our paper edition of this Sunday, April 5, you will find a derogatory certificate of travel to cut.

➤ This document is now mandatory on each trip and, importantly, it is personal.

➤ Personal travel authorized: health emergencies, basic necessities, intergenerational assistance, childcare, individual physical activities and meeting the needs of pets. You will have to make one for each trip.

➤ Business trips: essential trips to the workplace (when teleworking is impossible) and any other business trip that cannot be postponed. Your employer’s certificate for business travel is valid indefinitely.

Obligatoire The compulsory travel certificate can be downloaded from the official government website or copied on plain paper. The use on smartphone is no longer authorized since Wednesday March 18. It must necessarily be presented on paper.

➤ The document must be filled in with indelible ink. Pencil and eraser are therefore prohibited.

Please note, the government has posted a new version of the “proof of professional travel”, to be filled in by your employer. The individual derogatory certificate remains the same.

11:20 AM: The mayor of Charols, Hervé Icard, has decided to open a website for its citizens confined to the health emergency. Online since Saturday, April 4, it lists barrier gestures, prefecture decrees, town hall timetables, etc. A Facebook page has also been created. And for those who do not have internet, the municipality recalls that the switchboard of the town hall is still open and that flyers will also be distributed early next week in mailboxes.

10.45 am : Because time can seem long during this confinement, especially with children to occupy, television channels, concert halls and creators of cartoons redouble their initiatives. This is the case of the animation studio Folimage, now based in Valence, who decided to put five short films created in the Drôme studio online for free. To do this, before Thursday, April 9, simply go to the website of La Toile and enter the promo code MINUSCULE.

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10:15 am : This Sunday, April 5, the streets of Bourg-lès-Valence should have been filled with joggers. Due to the coronavirus and containment, the half marathon was logically canceled, but the event was replaced by an astonishing initiative. The organizers called on the athletes to participate virtually in the half-marathon, taking pictures of themselves exercising or exercising in their living room. The operation has already started on social networks.

10 HOURS : Good morning all. Stay home ! Every day, we offer a live to give you the latest news. To watch our live from Saturday April 4, follow this link.

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Find our interactive maps which list the businesses of Valence, Romans-sur-Isère, Privas, Aubenas and Annonay, where you can get the paper version of the Dauphiné Libéré. This list is subject to change from day to day due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

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