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19 horses, emaciated and mistreated, saved by the SPA at a private home – Insurance for Pets

The equines were in unsanitary boxes, they were neither fed nor properly watered, their wounds were not treated. The owner had been alerted several times by veterinarians before the animals were seized.

19 horses were saved in the Gers by the Society for the Protection of Animals of Saint-Pierre-du Mont (Landes) and transported to the Grand refuge, in the Orne, the only SPA refuge that welcomes horses, reports France Bleu Gascogne, Tuesday August 4. The equines belonged to an individual living in the north-west of the Gers. They lived in unsanitary conditions, some were injured and extremely thin.

It was last April that a report was made to the SPA refuge in Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, in the Landes. The Animal Protection Society then alerted the veterinary services of the departmental directorate of social cohesion and population protection (DDCSPP) of Gers. The veterinary services went on site, to a private individual living in the north-west of Gers, in order to assess the living conditions of equines. They noted numerous breaches of hygiene and care rules.

After having repeatedly asked the owner to remedy these shortcomings, and faced with his lack of reaction, the decision was taken to withdraw the animals: seven stallions, nine mares, two foals and a donkey. On July 16, the SPA, accompanied among others by the gendarmerie and the municipal police, was therefore responsible for taking care of the equines.

« Some horses were in completely unsanitary boxes, with a lot of manure inside, they had not been cleaned for several months, described to France Bleu Gascogne Stéphanie Girard, deputy manager of the only SPA refuge in France specializing in horses, located in Orne, who supervised operations. The stallions were fighting with each other, some had traces of infected bites, abscesses that were not treated. « 

They had no food, and the water was so dirty that you couldn’t call it water.Stéphanie Girard, SPA de l’Orneat France Bleu Gascogne

« To give you an idea, the health status of the animals is rated from 1 to 5. Knowing that 2.5 means normal condition, 5 is overweight, and 1 is very thin. The vets estimated that these equines had between 1 and 1.5. Some stallions have between 50 and 75 kilos to gain back to regain a correct weight. It’s huge « , Stéphanie Girard is in despair.

The SPA will file a complaint for abuse and neglect. « The owner probably found himself overwhelmed by the situation, but didn’t want to admit it, indicates Stéphanie Girard. He is a person of a certain age, who was not able to provide for their needs. But above all, he ignored the recommendations of the veterinary services, closed himself and did not want to know anything. In these cases, we always try to find solutions, the seizure of animals is always the ultimate solution implemented « , concludes the head of the Orne SPA.