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« 1:15 pm on Sunday ». Memories of elephants – France 2 – April 19, 2020 – Insurance for Pets

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As part of its documentary series « Cruel World », devoted to the « sixth great extinction », the magazine « 1:15 pm Sunday  » ((Facebook, Twitter, # 1:15 p.m.) tells the story of an endangered species: the elephant.

On the African continent, one of them is killed every twenty-six minutes, hunted for his ivory or his meat. At this rate, Central African elephants could disappear within ten years. Céline decided to help them.

Organized crime involved in ivory trafficking

The young French girl helps orphaned baby elephants with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), an association created in 1969 which saves animals in distress all over the world. But sometimes it goes further … Jean-Sébastien Desbordes, Matthieu Martin, Alexandre Paré and Nicolas Berthelot also followed her in an incredible investigation.

A year after the massacre of six hundred elephants in Bouba Ndjida national park, Cameroon, Céline and Emmanuel, a former member of the Congolese narcotics brigade, have started up an ivory trafficking chain. From the small hunter to the sponsors, from the smuggler to the buyers, this illegal business involves many intermediaries, and especially organized crime, because the mafias today consider ivory as a product of investment …

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