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112 Harderwijk – Police Harderwijk warns about baked sponges in the Stadsdennen district – Insurance for Pets

First write twice « baked sponge » and then weaken to « is inet absolutely certain » and « can get sick from litter ».
That is what I call sowing panic.
« Baked sponge » does not occur in the public space. In all cases it turns out to be something else afterwards. Usually litter or construction waste (PUR foam, flaked foam, insulation foam, foam rubber) which no dog touches. Sometimes it is about something natural (galls, fungi, but there are hardly any now).

« Baked sponge » implies that a sponge baking dog hat is active and that is never the case. No one has ever been caught, arrested or even captured on camera for baked sponge.

No veterinarian has ever had a case of baked sponge in practice. Every practice has weekly cases of dogs that got something wrong (sock, lego, bone, condom, etc.) but never baked sponge.
Moreover, doctors say that any consequences are exaggerated; a dog will vomit at most and get disrupted faeces.

But I would say: place a picture of the object. Then we will find out more.

[Redactie] The police warns against sponges. We (112 Harderwijk) report that it could also be something else such as litter.