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10 foods not to give to cats and dogs – Insurance for Pets

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Dogs and cats are great food lovers and it can be difficult to find good things to fill the bowl. To avoid the usual croquettes, we are sometimes tempted to choose something original. But beware of toxic foods …


Ethanol, present in alcohols, is toxic for dogs, cats, and a fortiori for humans. Beyond 15ml per kilo, the animal will suffer the effects. Low alcohol consumption in dogs and cats can make them nervous, aggressive. Higher consumption can lead to disorders of the heart and nervous system functions.

Onion and garlic

While onion makes humans cry, it can have far more dramatic consequences for pets as well. The thiosulfate it contains indeed causes hemolytic anemia in cats and dogs, that is to say, it destroys red blood cells used to transport oxygen.

Dairy products

Cheese, yogurt, milk … Animals are designed to digest milk only during their growth phase. As soon as they are adults, they should no longer be given dairy products, otherwise they could suffer from bloating, diarrhea and other digestive disorders.


No matter how much they ask for it, it is important not to give chocolate to cats and dogs. Chocolate does indeed contain theobromine, which pets are unable to eliminate. If they did eat it, your animals could be victims of food poisoning.


Potatoes for dogs are not the best idea, as they digest them with great difficulty. When they are cooked, it is even worse: dogs and cats are literally intolerant of it. As for the sweet potato, avoid giving it to your doggie, because it causes hallucinations and diarrhea in him.


In addition to being extremely polluting for the planet, avocado is fatal to many pets. It contains persin, a fungicidal toxin that can cause the death of cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, fish or even horses.


Grapes, like all cluster fruits, should be banned from dog food. These can indeed lead to kidney failure, which first results in vomiting and then lethargy.

Raw meat

Raw meat and raw fish often contain bacteria which can seriously harm the body of dogs and cats. If not taken care of quickly, animals infected with a parasite can die.


Dogmatix has only one dream in mind: to cut cooked bones. However, this dream can lead him to his downfall. Note that bones often form small splinters after cooking, which puncture animals’ intestines and stomachs. The worst bones are those of chicken, turkey, duck and rabbit because they break easily. And even if they don’t fall into the stomach, the bones can cause lesions in the mouth or esophagus.

Egg white

Egg yolks are very good for dogs, but white should be avoided. It indeed contains avidin, a toxic nutrient that destroys vitamin B8 essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism. In cats, egg white can cause diarrhea because it is poorly digested.

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