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The hospital looking for the last veterinary hope for animals to the limit | Society – Health Insurance

Apollo, a mongrel dog who will rebuild with a prosthesis the jaw that someone broke, or Lía, a 3-month-old Maltese bichon who has operated from the heart, are some of the almost 5,000 extreme and complex cases They spend a year at the AniCura Valencia Sur Veterinary Hospital.

“We are an exclusive center of cases that are referred by other clinics or hospitals that have considered that they could have one last chance with us“, affirms in an interview with the Agency EFE Jorge Llinás, director and head of surgery of the center, to which many animals are mistreated or have been evicted from other parts of Spain and abroad.

Llinás is considered the “Animal digs” for the complex interventions he performs, such as Sky, a dog that was sent from Germany, where he was to be slaughtered, and underwent maxillofacial surgery to reconstruct half of his face, which had been sectioned with a knife.

“I am flattered by the simile, but we are light years away from a surgeon as big as (Pedro) Cavadas; Hopefully we can do such similar things, “says the veterinarian, who adds that Valencia Sur is a reference center where” teamwork “is done and help in cases that seemed to have no solution.

One they are currently working on is Apollo, a mestizo who came to the center with a “bestial trauma” and the jaw in the air and to which, after being able to extract the filarias (worms) that he had in his heart, they are preparing a three-dimensional prosthesis so that he can eat normally.

The Valencian center, open for seven years and where 60 people work, offers a comprehensive service with the total practice of veterinary specialties and it has a multidisciplinary team that contributes its experience in hospitals in Europe and the United States “to solve the most complicated cases”.

One of these specialists is the Italian Roberto Bussadori, who after intervening with Lía, a Maltese bichon puppy weighing just 800 grams, of a vascular anomaly between the aorta and the pulmonary artery, explains to EFE the special difficulty of this operation. Lía, who has been referred from Murcia, suffers the third most common congenital anomaly in the dog and although this problem could be solved with other less invasive methods, it has only been possible to perform with traditional surgery due to its low weight, Bussadori details, who points out that the veterinary profession is “totally vocational”.

Jorge Llinás also agrees with this statement, which states that being a veterinarian, “more than a philosophy, It’s a lifestyle. The veterinarian is born with that vocation “, and regrets that Spain is one of the countries at the head of animal abuse.

“It is a real and objective situation, it is very worrying, and I think it is a matter of social awareness and action,” highlights this specialist in maxillofacial surgery and veterinary dentistry, which adds: “Like many colleagues in Spain, we are doing a service to serve a lot of animals that, unfortunately, are abandoned.”

He confesses that the cases that have marked him the most are those in which he has not managed to save them –“I see those broken families …”, He regrets – and explains that they have in the center a puppy that has arrived from Madrid due to a laryngeal paralysis and its owners are selling the car and doing everything possible for him.

The center has also made interventions such as Magnus, a 4-month-old lion cub that worked in a circus and whose esophageal problems prevented him from eating solid foods, or that of Duna, who arrived at the Hospital with a broken face after being abandoned by a hunter and was unable to eat and drink.

“The most frustrating thing is when you see that you don’t get it, the pain of the family stays in your head and heart, the last look of that dog or cat … That hurts, “reveals Llinás.

Insurance for Dogs

Signs to know if the pet is suffering from anxiety – Environment – Life – Health Insurance

After the end of the year holidays, vacations and having shared some days with our pets, it is time to return to the routine of daily life, work, school or university, and It becomes very difficult for both us and our furry friends to get used to being alone or not seeing each other as often.

It is there when barks and howls appear, as do the complaints of the neighbors, and also the restlessness and destruction in our house. If these behavioral changes are familiar to us, perhaps our pet is having an episode of separation anxiety.

It is the set of anomalous activities, such as destroying objects, barking, howling, elimination of feces or urine in inappropriate places, among others.

What is it?

According to clinical ethology – the discipline of veterinary science that is responsible for studying animal behavior – separation anxiety is a behavioral disorder more frequently observed in dogs than in cats.

It is the set of anomalous activities, how to destroy objects, barking, howling, elimination of feces or urine in inappropriate places, among others, which occur as a result of the restlessness and stress caused by the anticipation of a negative damage or stimulus for our pets, as it is to stay or feel alone. Although it is important to note that not always that there are changes in the behavior of our dogs or cats is because they suffer from separation anxiety.

What causes it?

Dogs and cats are considered social animals that create emotional bonds with their peers or with their human families, and their wildlife ancestors associated moments of loneliness with moments in which their lives were in danger and they had to remain alert.

When the dog or cat is very puppy and has been used to being always accompanied, he suffers from anxiety the first times he feels abandoned.

Although some experts believe that separation anxiety occurs only when our pet is very attached to us, three situations can be distinguished in particular:

– For dogs or cats there are no definitive routines. That is why in these times, when they have been accustomed to our company and from one moment to another we are no longer with them for long periods of time, they usually manifest stress symptoms.

When the dog or cat is very puppy and has been used to being always accompaniedHe suffers from anxiety the first times he feels abandoned.

– Animals that had not previously shown symptoms, but suddenly change their behavior as a result of trauma or fear – such as accidents, gunpowder, storms, among others – associated with the periods in which they were alone.

What are the most common symptoms?

As mentioned earlier, not all symptoms can be associated with this disorder, so receiving advice from an ethologist veterinarian is key to both diagnosis and treatment.

– Vocalizations: barking, howling and constant whining.

– Inappropriate Disposal: Animals that already have learned behaviors and places suitable for disposal and suddenly begin to urinate and defecate at home. It usually occurs in the form of constant urination and small amounts, and stools of liquid consistency with diarrheal appearance.

– Destructive behaviors: when they are alone they can break blinds, doors, windows or furniture, looking for escape routes.

– Hyperactivity: they are restless, they make routes and repetitive movements.
– Inapetence: they manifest depression, inactivity, lack of appetite and apathy.

– Anorexy: Our furry friends do not eat when we are not at home.

The most important thing is to educate them lovingly from puppies so that, already in adult life, it will be easier for them to spend time alone and they can become comfortable while we are not at home.

How to modify this behavior?

The most important thing is to educate them lovingly from puppies so that, already in adult life, it is easier for them to spend time alone and they can become comfortable while we are not at home.

– Provide a safe environment, reliable and that stimulates them mentally, where they have everything they need: toys, bed, food, etc.

– Perform physical exercise of medium or low intensity every day, it makes the brain stimulated and they get home tired.

– It has been proven to use aromatherapy and soothing music at low volume makes loneliness more bearable.


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They steal a gun in hand from Pocahontas, a dog trained to help a girl with a disability – Health Insurance

Aitor Santos Moya




Pocahontas was ready to be the “Guardian angel” of a 15 year old girl with reduced mobility. Tomorrow, this affable two-year-old dog was going to be delivered to a family from Malaga, after being trained to become the shadow of her new owner. But not just any shadow. This labrador retriever, with a sweet look and black fur like the blight, had perfected his skills to the point of being able to open doors, turn on lights or help the person in need get dressed. A hard work that, far from materializing, was truncated dry last Monday when four individuals of gypsy ethnicity assaulted their caretaker gun in hand and snatched the animal. Since then, the search is desperate, to the point of offering a reward of 800 euros to recover it.

As every morning, Alfonso García trained with Pocahontas in Aranjuez, a town where the Bocalán Foundation has one of its bases, dedicated to work with assistance dogs to accompany people in situations of disability or social disadvantage. “I like to go to that area with the dog because they are wide streets without a lot of people or traffic,” explains the monitor in a telephone conversation with ABC. For a month, Pocahontas lived with him at his home, “to end the training continuously”, with a dozen daily trials.

Shortly before noon, Alfonso and Pocahontas were standing in a zebra crossing, “to recognize where they should stop,” when a Renault Express van White stopped the march in front of them. “The two men in front of them got out of the vehicle and asked me for money,” he says, not knowing then what would happen next: “I told them I had nothing and they answered” how do you have no money? “When I wanted to realize, two other people came out of the back and threatened me with a gun.

The dog was going to be delivered today to a girl with a disability – BOCALÁN FOUNDATION

Prey of fear, Alfonso handed them his wallet, in which he kept 60 euros, the documentation and bank cards, with the aim of leaving without having to regret major damage. “But it was not like that. Before leaving, one of them looked at the dog and he told the rest that they were taking her, ”he adds, before they pulled a strap on his belt and put it in his arms inside the van. With the mobile phone forgotten at home, the caregiver ran quickly to the bar of the municipality where he works and called the foundation. After that, he collected the identification papers of Pocahontas and filed the corresponding complaint with the National Police, which in turn gave part to the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard and the Local Police.

Of the descriptions provided by the victim, it is noted that the four malefactors they are men of gypsy ethnicity, two of them with long hair, of which one wears an earring in the nose. The other two remaining have short hair, wearing the older one shaved with details on the right side. Regarding their ages, three would be between the ages of 20 and 30 and the fourth from 30 to 40. It is suspected that they may reside in a town near the place of kidnapping.

Insurance for Dogs

Firefighters rescue two dogs from a well between vineyards in Villafranca del Bierzo | Radio Bierzo – Health Insurance

The personnel of the Ponferrada fire brigade received a call that alerted the two animals to a well of about 25 meters deep located between some vineyards of Villafranca del Bierzo. Arrived at the place, accompanied by the hunters, they verified that the well, in whose interior there was water, had only about 7 meters. They installed a hoist and, using ropes and harnesses, they managed to get the dogs safe and sound. The Councilor for Security of Ponferrada, José Antonio Cartón, recalls that a couple of months ago firefighters staged a similar rescue of a well of an old mine in Torre del Bierzo, for what he has done a call to all landowners where there may be abandoned wells to take action, since the owners are responsible for any dangerous situation they may generate.

Ponferrada firefighters They also intervened on Sunday afternoon in the fire declared on a roof of a building in the town of Igüeña. Upon arrival, the neighbors and the town’s own mayor, Alider Presa, had already managed to extinguish the fire, so it was only necessary to remove some slabs from the roof, cool it and place a tarp to avoid leaks. Once again, it is suspected that the origin of the fire was in the chimney heating

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They look for Thor, a lost dog in downtown Bogotá – Bogotá – Health Insurance

It is a yellow labrador of approximately one year.

Thor, missing dog in Bogotá.



January 12, 2020, 10:46 a.m.

On the afternoon of this Saturday, in the sector of La Candelaria, in downtown Bogotá, Thor disappeared, a yellow labrador, who belongs to a young university student.

Thor, who is the only company that the young man has, is currently in veterinary treatment, so he requires daily specialized care.

Any information about the whereabouts of the pet can be sent to the Police Department in La Candelaria, which has joined the search. Also in the CQ Hostels downtown and Chapinero or at 3163760688

The young man, who is dismayed by the disappearance of his pet is offering a reward.

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Insurance for Dogs

Two illegal Chihuahuan kennels dismantled to whom the vocal cords had been cut – Health Insurance

S. L.



The National Police has dismantled two illegal breeding grounds of chihuahuas located in the Madrid towns of Meco and Arganda del Rey. The operation has resulted in five people arrested, including two veterinarians, who allegedly formed one of the leading distributors of dogs at European level. In addition, 270 dogs have been rescued.

The dogs were in a zulo built in the basement of a house in poor hygienic-sanitary conditions and habitability, even some of them had suffered a section of the vocal cords, possibly so that they did not bark and could alert the neighbors. Currently the dogs operated are in the custody of several animal protectors, pending the judicial decision on their final destination.

Investigations were initiated at the beginning of last year following a complaint that identified an illegal hatchery of chihuahuas in a chalet located in the Madrid town of Meco. As indicated, the animals were distributed throughout the Spanish geography prior announcement and contact through a web page.

After practicing the necessary steps an inspection is carried out in the house, managing to rescue 12 dogs of the Chihuahua breed at the time they were trying to get rid of them. When performing the appropriate veterinary tests, it was found that they had symptoms that the vocal cords had been cut, possibly so they wouldn’t bark and alert the neighbors of the existence of an illegal dog kennel in the urbanization.

From this point, the agents focused their objective on identifying the possible participation of other people, such as veterinarians and other breeders, achieving identify a family resident in a central Arganda del Rey chalet. These people had registered more than 1,400 dogs in the Royal Canine Society of Spain, with the aim of providing them with an appearance of legality and being able to sell them at a higher price. Although they had discharged such an amount of animals, they had no registered “legal” place of breeding in their names.

Benefits over two million euros

After entering and registering at your home, the agents intervened 258 dogs (mainly of the Chihuahua and Pomeranian breeds) distributed in a zulo built illegally in the basement and which had distributed in three areas: breeding area (where the animals were less than 1 month old and the pregnant bitches), area of ​​animals prepared for sale and area of ​​animals ready to breed.

Among the dogs intervened, the agents found two dead, frozen and wrapped in newspaper. In addition to the dogs, veterinary drugs, vaccines, chips and documentation (sanitary cards) sealed by veterinarians but not filled in were also intervened.

Two veterinarians among those arrested

In total, five people have been arrested, including the couple that led the group, resident in Arganda del Rey and considered as one of the main distributors of dogs at European level of Chihuahua and Pomeranian breed. Has also been arrested a computer expert that was in charge of the commercial strategy through marketing and advertising campaigns through social networks.

They were finally arrested two veterinarians whose main activity was to provide dogs that were sold with an appearance of legality, providing sealed booklets by veterinary centers but not filled in, in order that the maximum responsible should adapt them to their needs. It also facilitated the breeder’s access to veterinary medicines and the relevant instruments so that it would be the same who put the mandatory identification chip before selling the animal.

After the analysis of the documentation, it is appreciated that the group would take operating more than a decade and that they would have obtained some profits over two million euros.

The animals are in the custody of several animal protectors pending the judicial decision on their fate.

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Police operation against illegal dog kennels | Radio Madrid – Health Insurance

The National Police has dismantled two illegal chihuahuas hatcheries in Madrid, in the towns of Meco and Arganda del Rey, and has rescued 270 animals. The operation has been fully developed in the Community of Madrid and has resulted in five detainees, including two veterinarians who contributed health cards, medicines and instruments to this illegal activity and a computer scientist in charge of the commercial strategy through the Internet.

The animals had been mistreated, they had been cut off vocal cords to prevent their barking from alerting to the neighbors of the activity of these hatcheries. Agents have found two dead and frozen offspring, wrapped in newspaper.

This criminal organization worked from three areas: a breeding area, another for sale and another place dedicated to animals ready to breed. The main provider the farm was in Arganda, where 258 dogs were rescued, there were also subdelegations Y ID cards scattered throughout Spain.

The investigations began a year ago, in January 2019, when a chalet located in dumb and 12 dogs were rescued. From that point on, police officers started the operation until they found Arganda’s home today.

It is estimated that this organization has been acting Since 1990, has discharged 1,400 dogs in the Royal Canine Society of Spain to give the appearance of legality and sell them more expensive, and may have obtained more than 2 million euros. The sale price of chichuahas ranges between 1,300 and 3,000 euros.

The animals are now in the custody of several Animal protectors and awaiting the judicial resolution, which will dictate about its destiny. Detainees are accused of crimes of animal abuse, belonging to criminal organization Y forgery documentary.

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Dog shares its water with a thirsty Koala in Australia – Environment – Life – Health Insurance

Australia is experiencing one of the most catastrophic environmental crises in its history, the fires that have hit the region since September of last year have left homeless, not only hundreds of people, but also thousands of animals, whose habitats have been reduced to ashes

Kangaroos, koalas and other species have lost their lives in their attempt to get away from the flames. Videos and images of animals killed and severely injured by burns are published daily.

But in the midst of this bleak landscape, the faces of the solidarity of people who help these creatures and save them from dying in the fire, from hunger or thirst have also been seen.

This is the case of Rutsy, a dog that has given a great lesson in hospitality to many Internet users by sharing his bowl of water with a small marsupial which, it seems, has become a very good friend.

According to Andrew Fost, a neighbor of the canine’s owners and who made the tender scene popular in a Facebook post, “Koala comes to drink some water every time it is very hot.”

In the video you can see how Rutsy beats his tail while the koala drinks a little water, then the dog does the same and seconds later, as in a gesture of complicity and gratitude, they join their snouts as in a tender caress.

The publication became so popular that Australia’s ‘7News’ news portal interviewed Danielle Stone, the one in charge of recording the video and owner of Rutsy. The woman said that the koala is called Quasi and that she regularly wanders around her house to drink some water on hot days.

For Stone there are many things that people can learn from these images, Rutsy’s noble gesture is an invitation to be supportive of others. “I think humans could learn one or two things from this pair” concluded.

Trends TIME

Insurance for Dogs

the EMU and a cavalry squad join the search for the missing girl – Health Insurance





Seeking Marta Calvo, the 25-year-old girl disappeared in Manuel (Valencia), has resumed on Tuesday in the town and its surroundings, a task that has been incorporated by the Military Emergency Unit (UME) and the Civil Guard cavalry squadron .

More of 150 people make up the search device activated, after the rain that fell on Monday in the area forced to temporarily suspend the search of the young woman, of which there is no news from the past November 7.

Sources from the Civil Guard have told EFE that specialized agents of the Corps, such as those of citizen security, the dog unit and the cavalry squad, and personnel of the EMU, participate in the search operation of this day, but the helicopter cannot act, due to bad weather conditions.

The delegate of the Government in the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, said Monday that the search area was being “very wide” and praised the “great effort” of the Civil Guard, in an area that presents its «Complications». Regarding the investigation, he indicated that he is advancing “slowly” because there are “few traces”.

The man with whom the young and presumed responsible for his disappearance, Jorge Ignacio P.J., was has not been located. Agents have registered both Manuel’s home – where the girl was summoned with him and communicated to her mother the location on Whatsapp – as well as another where she had lived in Olleria. They also located a vehicle of their property that had tried to be scrapped and that has also been analyzed for clues.

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Kuh Büxi, puppy Mojio, whale as a spy: THIS 2019 headlines were bizarre – Health Insurance

They make no contradictions, don’t start wars and keep making us smile:animals, In 2019, stories about numerous curious creatures went around the world again, many of them through social media. On Instagram, Facebook and Co., besides animals, mythical creatures such as unicorns are very popular and caused one or two headlines that made us smile.

Curious animal news: Dog puppy Narwhal grows a tail from the forehead

In this respect, the enthusiasm that the cute puppy Narwhal caused was not a surprise:Apparently a kind of horn or croissant grows from the forehead of the puppy. Animal rights activists found the pooch in the small US town of Jackson and named it after the narwhal, a whale with a horn on its forehead. As Responding to a Facebook post announced dozens of animal lovers who wanted to take Narwhal with them.

Surprise! Baby dog ​​born with green fur

A mysterious baby dog ​​was also born in Germany this year – however, this was not reminiscent of a unicorn, but of a goblin: The golden retriever puppy Mojito was born with green fur. A veterinarian explained the rare phenomenon with a substance that comes from the placenta of the mother animal.

In December it was said: The green one dog is white now! “Mojito” has – as expected – changed its color in the meantime, reports owner Joanna Justice. “From the third week, the fur was slowly getting lighter, and now” Mojito “can hardly be distinguished from its siblings.”

From kangaroo to cattle: Brushed animals made the headlines

Other animals made the headlines not because of their unusual appearance, but because of their location. In the Xanten area, for example, a kangaroo hopped around for about a month in autumn before a veterinarian was able to use a blowpipe to stun and capture the animal, which was named “Skippy” by rescue workers. The escape of cow “Büxi” in Lower Bavaria took significantly longer. In February, a retired police officer found the fugitive and stunned her with an arrow – it was towered in October 2017. Animal rights activists examined the well-fed cow and took it to a sanctuary.

In Wermelskirchen in the Rheinisch-Bergisches Kreis a mint green baby dog ​​was born in a litter of white golden retriever puppies, which was christened “Mojito”.
Image: Marcel Kusch / picture alliance / dpa

The most exotic animal runaway of the year was the Schleswig-Holsteiner Chantal – a good three meter long tiger python. The animal had used its free range in the garden of a family in the small town of Tornesch to break out – and reappeared four days later in the neighboring garden.

Rat is stuck in gully – animal rescue ensures a happy ending

Out of an environment that was actually normal for them, one acquired rat World fame in February:The rodent was so round in Bensheim in southern Hesse that one day it no longer fit through the holes in the gully cover and was stuck. In a photo of the rescue workers, the rat can be seen with its mouth wide open, as if crying for help. fire Department and animal rescue finally freed the obese animal from the predicament and ensured a happy ending to the story that went around the world.

Gully is doomed to ducklings and squirrels – but everything turned out well

The holes in the manhole cover, on the other hand, were too big for the offspring of an ENTENMAMA in Stahnsdorf near Potsdam. Five of her chicks tumbled through the holes in the gully. A passerby heard the little ones beeping and called the fire brigade, which saved the ducklings. In general, the entrances to the sewer system are often dangerous for animals: In June a squirrel got stuck in a manhole cover in Dortmund. The fire department transported the entire lid to a veterinary practice, where it could finally be freed.

Firefighters save sunken horse from pond

In numerous such cases, the fire brigade and police rescued animals from predicament in 2019 – but sometimes animals also helped the emergency services: In February, for example, a horse in southern Hesse helped, albeit by chance, the police to a successful investigation: the animal sank into a pool and made it it no longer out on its own. When firefighters called for help to free the horse, they came across several stolen weapons and ammunition.

Strange! Pigeon saves speeders from speed cameras

Other animals were not necessarily on the side of the law: a pigeon in Viersen protected a speedster from his punishment. The man drove through a thirties zone at 54 km / h in May and was flashed in the process. At the very moment of the shot, however, the pigeon flew in front of the camera with its wings spread wide, so that the driver’s face could not be recognized. The authorities could not prove the trip to the racer, which, according to the police, saved him a fine of 105 euros.

Weird animal news 2019: whale unmasked as Russian spy?

But this offense is trivial compared to the case of a whale that appeared in northern Norway in April – because there was treason here. Fischer had removed several belts from the beluga. The inscription “Equipment St. Petersburg” could be read on the bridle, and a holder for a camera was attached to a strap. The animal was also tame. Whale researchers speculated that the animal had been released from captivity by the Russian military. So should the Beluga spy on the Kremlin in Europe? The Russian military rejected this as nonsense – Russia only uses dolphins for war purposes.

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