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the EMU and a cavalry squad join the search for the missing girl – Health Insurance





Seeking Marta Calvo, the 25-year-old girl disappeared in Manuel (Valencia), has resumed on Tuesday in the town and its surroundings, a task that has been incorporated by the Military Emergency Unit (UME) and the Civil Guard cavalry squadron .

More of 150 people make up the search device activated, after the rain that fell on Monday in the area forced to temporarily suspend the search of the young woman, of which there is no news from the past November 7.

Sources from the Civil Guard have told EFE that specialized agents of the Corps, such as those of citizen security, the dog unit and the cavalry squad, and personnel of the EMU, participate in the search operation of this day, but the helicopter cannot act, due to bad weather conditions.

The delegate of the Government in the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, said Monday that the search area was being « very wide » and praised the « great effort » of the Civil Guard, in an area that presents its «Complications». Regarding the investigation, he indicated that he is advancing « slowly » because there are « few traces ».

The man with whom the young and presumed responsible for his disappearance, Jorge Ignacio P.J., was has not been located. Agents have registered both Manuel’s home – where the girl was summoned with him and communicated to her mother the location on Whatsapp – as well as another where she had lived in Olleria. They also located a vehicle of their property that had tried to be scrapped and that has also been analyzed for clues.

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Kuh Büxi, puppy Mojio, whale as a spy: THIS 2019 headlines were bizarre – Health Insurance

They make no contradictions, don’t start wars and keep making us smile:animals, In 2019, stories about numerous curious creatures went around the world again, many of them through social media. On Instagram, Facebook and Co., besides animals, mythical creatures such as unicorns are very popular and caused one or two headlines that made us smile.

Curious animal news: Dog puppy Narwhal grows a tail from the forehead

In this respect, the enthusiasm that the cute puppy Narwhal caused was not a surprise:Apparently a kind of horn or croissant grows from the forehead of the puppy. Animal rights activists found the pooch in the small US town of Jackson and named it after the narwhal, a whale with a horn on its forehead. As Responding to a Facebook post announced dozens of animal lovers who wanted to take Narwhal with them.

Surprise! Baby dog ​​born with green fur

A mysterious baby dog ​​was also born in Germany this year – however, this was not reminiscent of a unicorn, but of a goblin: The golden retriever puppy Mojito was born with green fur. A veterinarian explained the rare phenomenon with a substance that comes from the placenta of the mother animal.

In December it was said: The green one dog is white now! « Mojito » has – as expected – changed its color in the meantime, reports owner Joanna Justice. « From the third week, the fur was slowly getting lighter, and now » Mojito « can hardly be distinguished from its siblings. »

From kangaroo to cattle: Brushed animals made the headlines

Other animals made the headlines not because of their unusual appearance, but because of their location. In the Xanten area, for example, a kangaroo hopped around for about a month in autumn before a veterinarian was able to use a blowpipe to stun and capture the animal, which was named « Skippy » by rescue workers. The escape of cow « Büxi » in Lower Bavaria took significantly longer. In February, a retired police officer found the fugitive and stunned her with an arrow – it was towered in October 2017. Animal rights activists examined the well-fed cow and took it to a sanctuary.

In Wermelskirchen in the Rheinisch-Bergisches Kreis a mint green baby dog ​​was born in a litter of white golden retriever puppies, which was christened « Mojito ».
Image: Marcel Kusch / picture alliance / dpa

The most exotic animal runaway of the year was the Schleswig-Holsteiner Chantal – a good three meter long tiger python. The animal had used its free range in the garden of a family in the small town of Tornesch to break out – and reappeared four days later in the neighboring garden.

Rat is stuck in gully – animal rescue ensures a happy ending

Out of an environment that was actually normal for them, one acquired rat World fame in February:The rodent was so round in Bensheim in southern Hesse that one day it no longer fit through the holes in the gully cover and was stuck. In a photo of the rescue workers, the rat can be seen with its mouth wide open, as if crying for help. fire Department and animal rescue finally freed the obese animal from the predicament and ensured a happy ending to the story that went around the world.

Gully is doomed to ducklings and squirrels – but everything turned out well

The holes in the manhole cover, on the other hand, were too big for the offspring of an ENTENMAMA in Stahnsdorf near Potsdam. Five of her chicks tumbled through the holes in the gully. A passerby heard the little ones beeping and called the fire brigade, which saved the ducklings. In general, the entrances to the sewer system are often dangerous for animals: In June a squirrel got stuck in a manhole cover in Dortmund. The fire department transported the entire lid to a veterinary practice, where it could finally be freed.

Firefighters save sunken horse from pond

In numerous such cases, the fire brigade and police rescued animals from predicament in 2019 – but sometimes animals also helped the emergency services: In February, for example, a horse in southern Hesse helped, albeit by chance, the police to a successful investigation: the animal sank into a pool and made it it no longer out on its own. When firefighters called for help to free the horse, they came across several stolen weapons and ammunition.

Strange! Pigeon saves speeders from speed cameras

Other animals were not necessarily on the side of the law: a pigeon in Viersen protected a speedster from his punishment. The man drove through a thirties zone at 54 km / h in May and was flashed in the process. At the very moment of the shot, however, the pigeon flew in front of the camera with its wings spread wide, so that the driver’s face could not be recognized. The authorities could not prove the trip to the racer, which, according to the police, saved him a fine of 105 euros.

Weird animal news 2019: whale unmasked as Russian spy?

But this offense is trivial compared to the case of a whale that appeared in northern Norway in April – because there was treason here. Fischer had removed several belts from the beluga. The inscription « Equipment St. Petersburg » could be read on the bridle, and a holder for a camera was attached to a strap. The animal was also tame. Whale researchers speculated that the animal had been released from captivity by the Russian military. So should the Beluga spy on the Kremlin in Europe? The Russian military rejected this as nonsense – Russia only uses dolphins for war purposes.

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Algete strengthens control of dog droppings | BE North Madrid | Time 14 North Madrid – Health Insurance

The Algete Local Police has launched a campaign to control the collection of Dog droppings on public roads. Agents will monitor that the owners comply with current regulations throughout the municipality throughout the week, in three service shifts.

According to the law, fines range from 300 euros in the case of a minor offense, up to 1,500 euros if it is serious and 13,500 euros If it is very serious.

Among the obligations of the neighbors are to collect the feces of their pets and prevent them from urinating on the facades of the buildings and street furniture.

On the other hand, agents will also monitor that the owners of dangerous dogs have the regulatory documentation and the security measures required for these breeds.

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Abandoned and dehydrated dog is rescued by cyclists – Environment – Life – Health Insurance

Three cyclists who performed their usual training on the roads of Río Negro, in the Argentine Patagonia, stopped when they saw a dog in poor health, abandoned and dehydrated.

A good heart would give water and food to the canine, but these athletes decided to go further and carry it on their shoulders, literally, to rescue him.

In the video, which the sports training group ‘Marican Team’ uploaded to their Facebook account, it has gone viral because of the curiosity of the video and the images.

There they say that it was « Rodri, Alan and Emiliano », team members, who saw « Abandoned puppy that was dehydrated, provided water and approached the urban area. »

That group of cyclists is made up of fans of that sport in the city of Villa Regina, Argentina, who plan and perform different routes in their training.

In their social networks they publish moments, like this one, which already has more than 1.8 thousand comments and has been shared more than nine thousand times. In addition, the publication has multiple encouragement comments and invitations to help unprotected animals as they do.


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Six people charged in Zaragoza, La Muela and Pina for amputating dogs – Health Insurance

R. P.




Agents of the Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard have imputed to six people in the province of Zaragoza for crimes of animal abuse. All of them are held responsible for brutal amputations performed at Doberman dogs, to those who know cut ears and tail because, supposedly, that gives these specimens a greater aesthetic value.

The operation, called «Tristo», began in June 2019 and has now been terminated. The Civil Guard Seprona was on the trail of people dedicated to such practices and the investigations led them to a total of six people in the province of Zaragoza. They all owned Doberman dogs with that kind of amputations.

It is a neighbor of La Muela, four of Zaragoza capital – three men and a woman – and a resident of Pina de Ebro. All of them are charged with the commission of an offense of animal abuse, except for the person involved in La Muela, which the Civil Guard considers responsible for two crimes of which two other dogs were victims.

Civil Guard sources have indicated that such amputations, in addition to being illegal, cause “serious damage to the animals that suffer them, by exposing them to unnecessary pain and in some they can cause death, when practiced in most occasions by unskilled people and in unsupported facilities for this type of surgery ».

In addition to being charged for the commission of crimes of animal abuse, those involved have also received administrative complaints for violating various precepts of the Autonomous Law of Animal Protection of Aragon.

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Deadly family drama in the USA: horror mother hangs children and has sex with dog – Health Insurance

In Pennsylvania, a mother hanged her two children. (Icon)
Image: Adobe Stock / chalabala

It is a cruel crime that recently happened in the US state of Pennsylvania. Like among others « Daily Star » reports, a mother is suspected of hanging her two children on a leash. In addition, the woman is accused of having sex with the family dog.

Mother hangs her own children and has sex with a dog

A court has now charged 36-year-old Lisa Snyder with two murders after hanging her 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter in the basement of her home in Berks County. Police had found the lifeless bodies. According to the report, the woman hanged her two children with a dog leash. Previously, the horror mother was said to have searched the internet for targeted murder methods, it is said. She also accuses the court of having sex with her dog to have had. Photos showing Snyder in clear sexual acts with the animal prove this.

Horror mother let her own children die

According to the local newspaper « The Morning Call », Snyder is said to have shown no feelings when she was arrested. In an interview with the police, she initially claimed that her children had committed suicide. However, she herself did nothing to save her children. When the rescue workers arrived at the scene, they were already dead. « One could assume that a mother who found her children hanging would do everything possible to save them, » said District Attorney John Adams. « But she did nothing of the sort, » Adams said. Snyder is currently being held in a Berks County prison. The process continues.

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A Coruña will improve the facilities of the kennel, but renounces to municipalize it | Coruña Radio – Health Insurance

The Council of A Coruña will not municipalize the municipal kennel. The Councilor for the Environment, Esther Fontán, thus renounces one of the main demands of the animalist association Libera who submitted by municipal registry more than 43,000 signatures supporting this request. Fontán ensures, however, that the animal reception center, located in the Bens Park, will be subject to a significant improvement.

The animalists criticize the conditions of these facilities and in the delivery of signatures they were accompanied by the spokesmen of Atlantic tide Y BNG. Zero slaughter is one of the premises of municipal policy with regard to stray dogs, but the truth is that adoption campaigns are not enough to give access to all animals and facilities are « at the limit ».

« The kennel is going to expand, » Fontán said. « It will be a new kennel, with new services; but – the councilor warns – the lack of sensitivity and responsibility of citizens regarding the care of their pets makes the kennel insufficient »

The municipal facility usually houses more than 90 dogs and cats. Last year there were 393 deliveries of animals, among the 60 adoptions themselves and the return of lost animals thanks to the microchip identifying

War against invasive species

Fontán has also pointed out that the services of Environment They are subjecting all parks throughout the city to intense cleaning of invasive species. A withdrawal that, fundamentally, is being done by hand in the presence of important native species.

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In Pennsylvania, Caldas, alarms are set for death of dogs due to poisoning – Other Cities – Colombia – Health Insurance

Much concern is expressed by the citizens of Pennsylvania, a municipality in eastern Caldas, due to the massive poisoning of canines that have been recorded since the end of last year. According to animalists in the municipality, there are already 24 and all have died with the same symptoms.

“We began to see that, later, the cases were more followed and the puppies ran and ended up rolling on the floor. That, besides being in the same areas, ”said Laura Agudelo, a member of the Animalistas de Corazón Foundation.

The volunteer said that the poisonings have been systematic and have affected not only the dogs that live on the streets, but several domestic ones. « It is the custom of peoples to release them from the morning and they go to the house to eat and sleep, but now they do not return, » he said.

Among the dogs that have died are –even– ‘icons’ of the municipality. This is the case of Logan Orión, an adopted dog who claims that « he was a friend of all the inhabitants of the town. »

« They had an owner and everyone loved them, so you don’t understand why these things happen, there is no justification, » Agudelo added.

According to what the foundation has found, the poisoning is with a chemist who has no antidote, so only one pet has been saved. This is a pinscher who survived because its owners took her to Manizales to treat her.

Logan, described as a friend of all, was one of those who died from poisoning.

The concern of the community is that there are no answers about who is causing the poisoning. In addition, they say that four years ago something similar happened, but for that occasion there were 60 canines that were poisoned.

At the moment, the foundation is making the complaint process, as reported by Deputy Jessica Quiroz.

“From here we are advising you on the legal issue, indicating how the complaint should be made, the issue of witnesses and evidence, because they have gone to the police to show the cameras, but they say they are damaged, ”Quiroz said.

The deputy, whose flag is the defense of animals, said that one of the problems is that in the municipality there is no veterinarian who can handle these cases.

« The professionals there are responsible for other types of larger species and, in general in the department, there is a deficit in that attention, » he said.

We made awareness days, we fly, we explain that this is a crime and we invite the community to denounce, but it did not bear fruit

The municipal government secretary, Cristian Camilo Giraldo, said that measures have already been taken, but have not borne fruit.

“We made awareness days, we fly, we explain that this is a crime and we invite the community to denounce, but it did not bear fruit. He calmed down for a few days and again the deaths began to be seen, ”said the official.

The secretary said that they are waiting to make another meeting with animal activists to determine what other actions can be taken so that no more dead canines appear.

For the time

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a search by land, sea and air with dogs trained in finding living people – Health Insurance

T. J. / A. C.




Marta Calvo Burón. Finding her is the obsession of the State Security Forces working tirelessly in the search for the 25-year-old girl who disappeared last November 7 in Manuel (Valencia) after having made an appointment with Jorge Ignacio PJ, an exconvict to whom the Guard Civil takes responsibility for a case in which it foresees a « hard » end.

However, no effort is spared to find Marta Calvo alive. In fact, the trained dogs that are part of the operation They have those characteristics. The operation focuses on the surroundings of the town of Manuel, where the track was lost and where Friday work members of the Civil Guard of different specialized bodies, as well as a helicopter.

In addition, they work in the area members of Seprona, Mountain Rescue and Intervention Group (GREIM), of Underwater Activities Panel (GEAS) and the Canine Unit, with dogs specialized in the search for living people.

The operations base of the search device has been located in the municipal sports center of this small municipality from the region of the Ribera Alta, where the young Valencian girl was lost track last day 7, and which is located near the Albaida River, which borders the town and where Marta is also sought.

Image of Marta Calvo’s search operation taken this Friday – EFE

According to the same sources, underwater specialists have several boats and, although the Albaida river does not carry much flow in the area and is shallow, it is dirty with reeds.

In addition, they have indicated that they continue to examine the home located in the town where Marta Calvo’s track was lost and that it was rented for the alleged responsible for her disappearance, which the security forces and bodies also seek to explain where the young woman is.

The suspect, of Colombian origin, was convicted in Italy of drug trafficking, and has a record in Spain for fines and resistance to authority related to crimes against security.

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Instagram: Florian David Fitz: His dog steals the show from him – Health Insurance

Florian David Fitz (45, « 100 things ») reports shortly before the turn of the year with a video from his Instagram subscribers, The actor jumps into the sea dressed in swimming trunks from a cliff. His dog However, Elmo steals the show: The small, white four-legged friend boldly jumps after his master.

On Amazon you can watch « The First Name » with Florian David Fitz

The actor only notices in the water that Elmo has followed him. « Are you with me? » Fitz can be heard surprised saying in the clip. The 45-year-old comments on the video with the words: « My dog ​​is spinning. »

Fitz fans love Elmo

class = « newHeadline »>

Florian David Fitz regularly posts cute pictures and videos of his four-legged friend. His followers are enthusiastic about the little rascal and describe him as « brave », « great » and « sweet » in the comments of the new post. A fan certifies « True Love ». A fan wishes that Elmo should also appear in a film.

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Brutal cruelty to animals: breeders cut off puppies’ ears – so that they are cuter – Health Insurance

A terrible case of cruelty to animals has come to light in the UK.
Image: AdobeStock / Christoph

A cruel case of animal cruelty Great Britain shakes: A dog breeder brutally cut off the ears of several bulldog puppies with a razor to make them look cuter. Now the man was convicted by a court.

Cruelty to animals in the UK: Breeder cuts off puppies’ ears

In January 2019, animal rights activists raided Simon Davis together with the police. The investigators were presented with a terrible picture. They found seven kennels with eight American bulldogs in a converted garage. As the British « Sun » reports, the breeder cut seven puppies’ ears before selling them for just under 8,000 euros each.

Evidence of the brutal cruelty to animals was abundant. Investigators seized before and after photos of the puppies, syringes, razor blades and tweezers. It was also found that Davis wanted to buy tables and ear clips in order to perform the cruel mutilation. The breeder also used the services of a « cropper » from the USA.

Behavioral disorder caused by cropped ears

« Veterinarians confirm that mutilating the pinna in dogs can interfere with effective communication and even lead to behavioral problems, » quotes Sun Prize activist Sara Pratt from RSPCA.

Simon Davis has now been sentenced to twelve months in prison and 160 hours of work. He also has to pay just under 12,000 euros.

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Cruelty to animals on the island of Rügen: Abused dog tied up and put to death – Health Insurance

An abused dog was saved from certain death on the island of Rügen (symbolic photo).
Image: Adobe Stock / blanche

The abysses of human nature were revealed on the island these days to reprimandwhere there is a terrifying case of animal cruelty has contributed. As can be read in the « Ostsee-Zeitung », an abused mixed breed dog was found not far from Sassnitz who had been exposed to death.

Abused dog tied up as a package and left to die

The abused animal was discovered by two strollers who took care of the defenseless bundle. The tortured dog lady was not only badly injured, but was also constricted by abnormal animal torturers in a blanket. If no one had spotted the bitch, veterinarians estimated she would have died of her injuries.

Pedestrians save victims of animal cruelty from certain death

The two dog rescuers did not torch long and brought the injured bitch into veterinary care. The terrible extent of the injuries was revealed there: The dog lady had severe injuries to the intestine and uterus, emergency surgery and infusions could save the weakened animal. The victim of animal torture is currently on the mend, but is still very weak. The patient should stay in the veterinary practice until the bitch has recovered.

Dog lady survives cruelty to animals and is to get a new home

There is already a streak of light on the horizon for the brave dog lady. After the terrifying fate of the four-legged friend was made public on Facebook, there were already the first interested parties who want to adopt the battered bitch. Complaints have already been filed against the unknown animal torturer (s).

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