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The poignant reunion of a mother and her dog 3 years after being separated! (Video) – Insurance for Pets

Posted on 08/05/2020 4:16 PM

Written by Norman Bougé
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Lost without traces for 3 years, a dog finds her way home.

The disappearance of a pet is a very disturbing ordeal. Only the pet owners having experienced such distress can attest to this. But the efforts made by Theresa Hobson can give an idea.

When his female dog Ella has disappeared, Hobson lost sleep. She was very worried and very much wanted her friend to come home.

For 3 years, Hobson never despaired. She continued to leave food and water in front of her house door. She wanted to make sure her dog found something to eat in case she came back.

As Cesarsway reports, the owner’s biggest fearElla was that she found herself starving and weakened by the winter cold.

The situation of Hobson was very difficult. Because during the 3 years of the dog’s disappearance, she never gave up hope. ” 3 years is a long time She says.

Until the day where The Humane Society contacted her to tell her that the miracle had finally taken place.

Indeed, the dog had been found and captured by the members of the refuge. She was prowling in the street.

Fortunately, the dog is equipped with a microchip, which allowed rescuers to ascend to Hobson. Having been found nearly 10km from her home, only a microchip could have traced the links between the dog and her mistress, between Hobson and Ella.

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19 horses, emaciated and mistreated, saved by the SPA at a private home – Insurance for Pets

The equines were in unsanitary boxes, they were neither fed nor properly watered, their wounds were not treated. The owner had been alerted several times by veterinarians before the animals were seized.

19 horses were saved in the Gers by the Society for the Protection of Animals of Saint-Pierre-du Mont (Landes) and transported to the Grand refuge, in the Orne, the only SPA refuge that welcomes horses, reports France Bleu Gascogne, Tuesday August 4. The equines belonged to an individual living in the north-west of the Gers. They lived in unsanitary conditions, some were injured and extremely thin.

It was last April that a report was made to the SPA refuge in Saint-Pierre-du-Mont, in the Landes. The Animal Protection Society then alerted the veterinary services of the departmental directorate of social cohesion and population protection (DDCSPP) of Gers. The veterinary services went on site, to a private individual living in the north-west of Gers, in order to assess the living conditions of equines. They noted numerous breaches of hygiene and care rules.

After having repeatedly asked the owner to remedy these shortcomings, and faced with his lack of reaction, the decision was taken to withdraw the animals: seven stallions, nine mares, two foals and a donkey. On July 16, the SPA, accompanied among others by the gendarmerie and the municipal police, was therefore responsible for taking care of the equines.

“Some horses were in completely unsanitary boxes, with a lot of manure inside, they had not been cleaned for several months, described to France Bleu Gascogne Stéphanie Girard, deputy manager of the only SPA refuge in France specializing in horses, located in Orne, who supervised operations. The stallions were fighting with each other, some had traces of infected bites, abscesses that were not treated. “

They had no food, and the water was so dirty that you couldn’t call it water.Stéphanie Girard, SPA de l’Orneat France Bleu Gascogne

“To give you an idea, the health status of the animals is rated from 1 to 5. Knowing that 2.5 means normal condition, 5 is overweight, and 1 is very thin. The vets estimated that these equines had between 1 and 1.5. Some stallions have between 50 and 75 kilos to gain back to regain a correct weight. It’s huge “, Stéphanie Girard is in despair.

The SPA will file a complaint for abuse and neglect. “The owner probably found himself overwhelmed by the situation, but didn’t want to admit it, indicates Stéphanie Girard. He is a person of a certain age, who was not able to provide for their needs. But above all, he ignored the recommendations of the veterinary services, closed himself and did not want to know anything. In these cases, we always try to find solutions, the seizure of animals is always the ultimate solution implemented “, concludes the head of the Orne SPA.

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Feedback asked for new version 6.0 of GlobalGAP – Insurance for Pets

The Fruit & Vegetables scheme and the Floriculture scheme of the GlobalGAP quality certification system are being revised. The current version (5.2) dates from 2015. The intention is that there will be a version 6.0 in 2022. Growers will therefore incur additional administrative burdens. To ensure that the certification requirements are feasible and workable, Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands is participating in the consultation round for this revision. Below you can read more about the proposed revision and how entrepreneurs can give feedback on the revision.

GlobalGAP is a globally recognized standard for good agricultural practice, originally set up by several large supermarket chains. In addition to retail, production and trade are now also represented in the organization. Anyone who has obtained the GlobalGAP certificate as a grower can demonstrate that his company meets strict requirements in the areas of food safety, traceability, environment, occupational health, safety and welfare and Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

GlobalGAP’s certification schemes are reviewed every four to seven years, with interim updates taking place. In 2022, the current version 5.2 will be replaced by version 6.0. The administrative burden on the Groenten & Fruit scheme is increasing for growers.

GFSI recognition and schedule Fruit & Vegetables
There may be two variants of version 6.0 of the Fruit & Vegetables scheme: one with and one without recognition for the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The variant with GFSI recognition requires more input and audit work. In the US in particular, retailers often ask about GFSI, in Europe and Asia that seems much less the case.

Food Safety
Regarding food safety checkpoints, there are not that many changes in the Fruit & Vegetables schedule. However, much has to be demonstrated in writing, such as which person in the company is responsible for the food safety policy, which hygiene measures have been taken and how the storage of fertilizers, plant protection products and biostimulants takes place.

There will be a tightened standard for the microbiological quality of sprinkling water that comes into contact with edible parts of the product. Furthermore, water for post-harvest washes must have the quality of drinking water. There is also an obligation to provide written training for employees (while training under the guidance of the entrepreneur or an experienced colleague is much more effective and also more common on the farms).
After application of unprocessed animal manure, the waiting time for harvesting the product in the current Fruit & Vegetables schedule is 60 days. Some parties within the GlobalGAP organization are considering a longer waiting time (from 90 to 120 days), which can be detrimental for a number of crops. It is therefore important to insist on keeping the current waiting time or a shorter waiting time on this point.

Read more at Greenhouse Horticulture Netherlands

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Pets Anti Infectious Medicine Market 2024 Global market share, size, sales, latest trends, business stimulation strategies, CAGR status, growth opportunities and forecasts – Insurance for Pets

Global Pets Anti Infectious Medicine Market Research Report 2020, including the key points affecting market growth, market dynamics and major industry players. Also Pets Anti Infectious Medicine Market (by major key people, by types, by applications and leading regions) Segment prospects, company rating, competitive scenario, trends and forecasts by 2025. Worldwide annual revenues from Pets Anti Infectious Medicine product are expected to be significant rise in coming years. In addition, the global Pets Anti-Infectious Medicine market analysis is provided for the international markets, including development trends, competitive landscape analysis and the development status of key regions. Development policies and plans are discussed, as well as production processes and cost structures are also analyzed. This report also includes import / export consumption, supply and demand Figures, costs, price, turnover and gross margins.

Download a sample PDF of the report –

We have also included a competitive landscape and analysis of Porter’s Five Forces market model with future projections to assess investment feasibility. Furthermore, the report includes both quantitative and qualitative analyzes of the Pets Anti-Infectious Medicine market throughout the forecast period. The report also includes business and expansion opportunities. In addition, it provides insight into market threats or barriers and the impact of regulatory frameworks to deliver an executive-level blueprint to the Pets Anti-Infectious Medicine market. This is done to help companies better strategize their decisions and ultimately achieve their business goals.

List of KEY PLAYERS in Pets Anti Infectious Medicine Market Report are: –

Boehringer Ingelheim
Ceva Sante Animale
Bimeda Animal Health

To understand how COVID-19 Impact is addressed in this report. Get a sample copy of the report-

This report helps the user understand the market in terms of definition, segmentation, market potential, influential trends and the challenges the market faces. In-depth investigations and analyzes were conducted during the preparation of the report. Readers will find this report very helpful in understanding the market thoroughly. The data and information about the market comes from reliable sources such as websites, company annual reports, magazines and others, and has been verified and validated by industry experts. The facts and data are presented in the report with charts, graphs, pie charts, and other pictorial views. This improves visual representation and also helps to understand the facts much better.

Pets Anti Infectious Medicine Market Segmentation:

Broken down by product type: this report focuses on consumption, market share and Pets Anti Infectious Medicine market growth of Pets Anti Infectious Medicine in each type, can be divided into:

External use
Internal use

Broken down by product applications: This report focuses on consumption, market share and Pets Anti Infectious Medicine market growth of Pets Anti Infectious Medicine in any type, can be divided into:


By region / country:

– North America
– Asian-Pacific
– Europe
– Central and South America
– Middle East and Africa
– South Africa
– Other regions

Points covered in the report:

Please inquire before purchasing this report –

Main reasons to buy:

– To gain insightful analyzes of the market and to have a comprehensive understanding of the world market and the commercial landscape.

– Assess production processes, major problems and solutions to mitigate development risk.

– Understand the most influential market drivers and constraints and their impact on the global market.

– Learn about the market strategies adopted by leading respective organizations.

– To understand the future prospects and prospects for the market.

– In addition to the standard structure reports, we also supply custom work according to specific requirements

Main points of the table of contents:

Download a sample PDF of the report –

Chapter 1 Pets Anti Infectious Medicine Industry Overview:

1.1 Definition
1.2 Assumptions
1.3 Research area
1.4 Large analysis of the wise market per country

Chapter 2 Major Segmentation (classification, application and etc.) Analysis:

2.1 Brief introduction due to large application
2.2 Brief introduction per main type

Chapter 3 Production market analysis:

3.1 Global production market analysis
3.1.1 Global capacity 2014-2019, production, capacity utilization, ex-works price, turnover, costs, gross and gross margin analysis
3.1.2 Performance and market share of major manufacturers in 2014-2019
3.2 Regional production market analysis
3.2.1 Regional market performance and market share 2014-2019

Chapter 4 Sales market analysis:

4.1 Global Sales Market Analysis
4.1.1 Worldwide sales volume 2014-2019, sales price and turnover analysis
4.1.2 Performance and market share of major manufacturers in 2014-2019
4.2 Regional sales market analysis
4.2.1 Regional market performance and market share 2014-2019

Chapter 5 Consumer market analysis:

5.1 Analysis of the global consumer market
5.1.1 Analysis of the global consumption volume 2014-2019
5.2 Analysis of the regional consumer market
5.2.1 Regional market performance and market share 2014-2019

Chapter 6 Production, sales and consumption market comparison analysis:
6.1 Global Production, Sales and Consumer Market Comparison Analysis
6.2 Regional production, sales volume and consumption volume Market comparison analysis

Chapter 7 Analysis of the production and sales market of major manufacturers:
7.1 Worldwide production and sales market comparison of major manufacturers
7.1.1 2014-2019 Comparison of the main production and sales market for major manufacturers worldwide
7.2 Regional production and sales market comparison of major manufacturers

Chapter 8 Marketing channel analysis:

8.1 Marketing channel status
8.2 Analysis of major distributors

Chapter 9 Industry chain analysis:

9.1 Important raw materials
9.2 Manufacturing analysis
9.2.1 Production process
9.2.2 Structure of manufacturing costs
9.2.3 Factory distribution analysis
9.3 Structural analysis of the industrial chain

Chapter 10 Global and regional market forecast:

10.1 Production market forecast
10.1.1 Global Market Forecast
10.1.2 Forecast of the main regions
10.2 Sales market forecast
10.2.1 Global market forecast
10.2.2 Important classification forecast
10.3 Consumer market forecast
10.3.1 Global market forecast
10.3.2 Forecast of the main regions
10.3.3 Prediction of important applications

Chapter 11 Analysis of major manufacturers:

11.1 Company 1.
11.1.1 Company introduction
11.1.2 Product specification and analysis of major types
11.1.3 Production market performance 2014-2019
11.1.4 Sales market performance 2014-2019
11.1.5 Contact details
11.2 Company 2
11.2.1 Company introduction
11.2.2 Product specification and analysis of major types
11.2.3 Production market performance 2014-2019
11.2.4 Sales market performance 2014-2019
11.2.5 Contact details

Chapter 12 Feasibility analysis new project:

12.1 New SWOT analysis project
12.2 Analysis of the feasibility of new project investments

Chapter 13 Conclusions

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Tagesspiegel people newsletter Treptow-Köpenick, August 3, 2020 – Insurance for Pets

Thomas Bartl, 57, mobile veterinarian

It was difficult to get to him. Budgies, rabbits, dogs, cats and other animals simply took precedence. Because Thomas Bartl is a sought-after veterinarian in Alt-Glienicke – and one of the few mobile in the eastern districts of Berlin.

“I do that, so that the sick or injured animals do not have additional stress due to transport and change of environment, ”says the man originally from Halberstadt. He has been in Berlin since 1987 and has been in Treptow-Köpenick for almost as long, where he ended up by chance. But as luck would have it sometimes, he now lives permanently in our beautiful district and also has his practice here on the Schönefelder Chaussee. He didn’t regret it.

Veterinarian Bartl divides his working days into practice consultations and home visits. There is also the animal emergency service – Bartl is there until 10 p.m. for emergencies of his four-legged patients. “With a quick first aid, the chances of survival of the animals increase,” he says and also has an example. So he called an excited dog owner whose dog ate something mysterious while walking the street. Bartl immediately ordered him to his office, a quarter of an hour later he was there. The dog fell into a coma immediately after the start of treatment. But Thomas Bartl did not give up and continued to treat. After about three hours the dog was slowly waking up again, after six hours he was able to go home – saved! The result: a lively dog ​​and a thankful owner.

“Many examinations can be carried out on the living room table” Thomas Bartl describes the advantage of home visits. “The familiar environment means more security and therefore less fear for the animals. In this way, no symptoms can be masked or the blood values ​​can change, as would otherwise be the case. ”

In animal emergency rescue he treats small and domestic animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.) even in the entire urban area of ​​Berlin and in the surrounding Berlin area, every day of the week. With more than 100,000 dogs in the urban area alone, there is a lot to do. By the way, at the end of 2018, over 8,500 dogs were registered in Treptow-Köpenick.

Text: Simone Jacobius, photo: private

Who should be introduced here next? Herself? Someone you know? We look forward to your suggestions at:

+++ This is an extract from the newsletter for Treptow-Köpenick. Receive every Monday free of charge:

+++ The topics of the week:

  • Teachers are preparing the “school year by far”
  • Now it’s official: New operator for traditional Zenner restaurant
  • Fold the third in the dispute over Am Goldmannpark
  • Mellowpark has the first garbage collection kayaks
  • Showman demo in Köpenick
  • Daring use prevents disaster on the A113
  • The animal landscapers in the Erpetal
  • Clubbing in the district becomes difficult
  • Culture is starting to roll
  • With the steamer to Woltersdorf
  • Great running routes wanted
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Veterinary Rapid Tests Market Outlook 2020 by Market Size, Business Plans – Insurance for Pets

The latest research report on the Veterinary Rapid Tests market report provides detailed analysis by the industry share on the basis of revenue and volume. The study further includes market dynamics as well as the major companies operating in the Veterinary Rapid Tests market. The Veterinary Rapid Tests market report serves the key approaches of companies or clients to impart information on the status, size and share of the current global competitive market to them.

The Veterinary Rapid Tests market report will grow at a CAGR of almost 7 %% with the revenue of USD 228.69 million during the forecast period.

List of Major Players Covered in the Veterinary Rapid Tests Market:

– BioNote Inc.
– Biopanda Reagents Ltd.
– Fassisi
– Society for Veterinary Diagnostics and Environmental Analysis mbH
– Heska Corp.
– IDEXX Laboratories Inc.
– MEGACOR Diagnostik GmbH
– Virbac SA
– Woodley Equipment Co. Ltd.
– and Zoetis Inc.

Get a sample copy of the report –

Veterinary Rapid Tests market dynamics:
Driver: Increased prevalence of zoonotic diseases

Trends: the increasing adoption of pets

Challenges: Presence of substitutes

The increasing prevalence of zoonotic diseases

A zoonosis is a disease that can spread from animals to the human population by viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites. For example, roundworms and hookworms that often infect young animals such as puppies and kittens can spread to the human population. In addition, factors such as the lack of appropriate facilities for human and animal health, frequent contact with animals and consumption of animal products have increased the prevalence of zoonotic diseases around the world. In order to protect humans and animal populations from these infectious diseases and maintain the health of their pets, the demand for rapid veterinary tests is expected to increase. This will lead to the expansion of the global veterinary rapid test market at a CAGR of nearly 7% during the forecast period.

The growing adoption of pets

The increase in animal ownership indicates the scope of growth in the global veterinary rapid testing market. Vendors are seeing increased sales of their pet segment in developed countries. A significant number of pets are adopted from animal shelters. Dogs and cats are considered the most favorite animals and represent the largest pet owners in the UK. Due to the increase in animal adoption, providers are investing in cloud computing technologies to improve pet care services. For example, rVetLink is a benchmark comprehensive management solution developed by IDEXX for specialty care hospitals. It is planned to streamline the referral process between a primary care veterinarian and a specialist care veterinarian, thereby enabling the provision of advanced care to veterinary patients. This development should have a positive impact on the overall growth of the market.

Covers Veterinary Rapid Tests Market Segmentation:
By type: –

Type 1

Type 2

type 3

Veterinary Rapid Tests Market Segment by Regions:
• Americas

Probably, the report also focuses on the global leading manufacturers of the Veterinary Rapid Tests market, providing information such as company profiles, product picture and specification, capacity, production, price, cost, income and contact details. The Global Veterinary Rapid Tests market growth trends and marketing channels are analyzed. Finally, the feasibility of new investment projects is assessed and overall research conclusions are proposed.

For more information or a query or customization before purchasing, visit –

Reasons why you should buy this report
• To understand the present and future of the Veterinary Rapid Tests market in developed and emerging markets.
• The report helps to realign business strategies by highlighting Veterinary Rapid Testing business priorities.
• The report throws light on the segment expected to dominate the Veterinary Rapid Tests industry and market.
• Predicts which regions are expected to experience the fastest growth.
• The latest developments in the Veterinary Rapid Testing industry and details of industry leaders along with their market share and strategies.
• Save time on entry-level research as the report contains vital information on growth, size, key players and segments of the industry.
• Save time and reduce time in entry-level research by identifying growth, size, leading players and segments of the global market.

Some Points of the Veterinary OCD Rapid Tests Market Report:
• 2.1 Preface
• 2.2 Preface
• 2.3 Currency conversion rates for USD
• Market ecosystem
• Market characteristics
• Market segmentation analysis
• Market definition
• Sizing of the 2029 market
• Market size and forecast 2029-2024
• The bargaining power of buyers
• Bargaining power of suppliers
• The threat of new participants
• The threat of substitutes
• Threat of rivalry
• State of the market
• Market segmentation by technology
• Comparison by technology
• Geographic segmentation
• Geographical comparison
• APAC – Market Size and Forecast 2029-2024
• Americas – Market Size and Forecast 2029-2024
• EMEA – Market size and forecast 2029-2024
• Main leading countries
• Market opportunity
• Market factors
• Market challenges
• Overview
• Landscape disturbance
• Competitive scenario
• Suppliers covered
• Supplier classification

Purchase this report (Price 2500 USD for a single user license) –

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Animal Farm and Polytrans, the rising sites – Insurance for Pets

the – Trade

DR – Gautier Moulard relies on external growth

Based in Saint-Etienne, on the town hall square, the e-commerce site La Ferme des Animaux was launched in 2012 by Gautier Moulard. Since then, the founder and manager has focused on external growth and the complementarity of offers.

It was originally, a laboratory for testing a software solution, which was backed up by the e-commerce site in 2012, explains Gautier Moulard, the founder. If the activity started in a small Sorbiers warehouse, it is now from the city center of Saint-Etienne that around ten employees open, since the particularity of the company is to develop all the IT tools internally. . The group has also had around ten employees in a logistics center near Nantes since 2018. This year, activity accelerated, confides Sylvain Royer, the group’s marketing director.

It was at this point that the company Livepoint, and its commercial brand La Ferme des Animaux, acquired the company Polytrans. The two companies are now 100% owned by the new holding company Orwell Participations. A historic e-commerce site – before that focused on mail order – Polytrans specializes in the sale of pet accessories. The site is intended in particular for professionals, and complements the offer on the site, a company that has absorbed Polytrans’ logistics flow. The two sites each offer nearly 6,000 referrals and register around 10,000 visits per day.

In 2020, the group is again focusing on external growth and acquires the company Difac, a French manufacturing workshop and wholesaler of around thirty employees who have been manufacturing articles for dogs and cats for more than 35 years. Specialized in the design of kennels, kennels and other facilities, the company located Remeling near Thionville, brings the group’s consolidated turnover to more than 15 M in all, indicates the manager, who prefers to keep secret the amount of successive investments. .

For now, the objective is to create new bridges between the three sites, and to develop international trade, starting with southern Europe, but also to promote the online sales site for insurance. for pets

Laurie Joanou

Insurance for Pets

when the whales parade – Insurance for Pets

From the depths of the ocean to the surface of the ocean, humpback whales provide a stunning spectacle. In the warm waters off Brazil, they swim to the rhythm of their song. The melody, the language of seduction, is typical of the mating period but remains rare to observe, as scientists explain. According to them, with the coronavirus, the behavior of humpback whales has changed: “With the drop in maritime traffic and the sound frequencies emitted by humans, the whales’ environment is calmer, it is as if the coronavirus crisis has given nature a breath.

A fauna that benefits from the confinement of men

Wildlife reclaims its rights and offers breathtaking images. In Australia, killer whales attack a multi-ton whale. In Montreal, in the St. Lawrence, the sea monster appeared only a few dozen meters from the coast: scientists had never seen it.

The JT

The other subjects of the news

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Nitrogen and phosphate excretion of animal manure decreased again – Insurance for Pets

Show tableNitrogen excretion in animal manure1Hide tableNitrogen excretion in animal manure1

Nitrogen excretion in animal manure1
2015 315.69 99.25 62.04 20.48
2016 327.52 96.86 62.16 17.76
2017 337.00 97.37 58.87 18.79
2018 327.36 96.80 56.66 22.71
2019 315.65 93.69 56.01 24.30
1)Nitrogen ceiling: 504.4 million kilograms