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It is a different experience; but very positive for both the dog and the master. ANDl yoga with dogs is an activity that in the United States, Asia and much of Europe It enjoys great popularity and that for a few years has found a place in Spain.

A relaxing and positive exercise, so much so that the benefits of this activity are transferred through the owners to their pets. This Saturday, sponsored by Purina Beyond the Capitol Cinema has been the scene that has hosted a Master Class in which a Thirty dogs accompanied by their owners have learned to relax.

The actress Esther Holly She has been the ambassador of this event and has attended with her two dogs Django and Petra. One of the protagonists of « The paper house » says that « I love playing sports and practicing it with my dogs. Yoga with dogs is an initiative so healthy and positive for both people and their pets». This activity has been directed by Enrique Solis, canine educator and director of Lealcan, a Madrid company with a trajectory of more than 20 years of experience in dog training and in promoting initiatives that foster the human-animal bond.

In the words of Nelly Ugarte, trainer, trainer, yoga educator for people with and without dogs «this activity is beneficial for both and improves ties. In general, dogs absorb the character of their owners and yoga helps them ».

The goal of yoga with dogs is to achieve a deep connection with our dog, an almost spiritual contact and of course, a great relaxation. The experience of those who have practiced this type of activity is repeated: they achieve a greater connection between the two, both achieve deep relaxation and great concentration. In addition, like humans, dogs enjoy yoga and the improvement of their physical abilities such as the strengthening and relaxation of the muscles, a reduction in nerves and stress levels, as well as the socializing factor that generates interaction with other humans and their pets. The exercises materialized in the Yoga Asanas are combined with others of contact with the dog accompanied by a soft music that provides an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Some of the postures used are the same Asanas that in yoga that everyone knows and others are adapted to be able to perform them with our dog. Among the advantages of practicing this activity are the relaxation of the muscles and the tranquility that involves synchronizing the breath between the dog and the owner. It also helps to improve the circulation and flexibility of our dogs, while enhancing their concentration and obedience, what we have been saying strengthens the bond between the owner and his dog. Finally, Monica Vesprini, brand manager of Purina Beyond «the food in our pets is changing. Today we bet on a more natural diet and yoga is another step ».