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Recently a young Argentine girl was attacked by a friend’s pet (a German shepherd dog) while trying to take a photo session with the animal. The event caused surprise in many people after leaving obvious sequels on the face of the young woman who received about 40 points in a surgery that lasted two hours, reported the newspaper La Nación, from Argentina.

This is a not so common situation, however, some people have lived through it. The cases They are usually related to age, hormonal load and health conditions that pets present, and therefore their reactions may be moved by discomfort, fear or discomfort.

Signs that can alert us to your behavior change such as sharp barking, tail or hair erection, sticking your tail between your legs or showing your teeth

Olga Lucía Molina, a veterinarian, says that it is initially important to rule out if there really is a problem of aggressiveness or if they are simply manifestations of the animal because it feels threatened or bothers a situation.
« A dog or any other pet may attack or bite its owner or another person if it feels threatened, afraid or uncomfortable. with an external situation that for us can be normal, ”explains Molina.

For Kenai’s bite of Lara, the young woman received 40 points on her face.


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Therefore, the expert recommends attending to the signals that can alert us about their behavior change as “sharp barking, tail or hair erection, sticking your tail between your legs or showing your teeth”, In order to prevent possible aggression.

For its part, veterinary doctor Rocío Cortés explained to the newspaper El Mercurio (Chile) that another factor that can influence an attack It is if the animal is in heat or if it is already very old, because they are more vulnerable to pathologies that affect them. « They can attack their owners because they feel pain or if there is an increase in their sex hormones (zeal), » said the specialist, adding that they can attack a person they do not know, by marking territory or defending their owners.

When we are not the masters of the puppy we must be alert to their reactions, because we can unintentionally invade their territory and can attack in defense of him or his master

In fact, when Lara Samson, the attacked young woman, spoke with the newspaper El Clarín (Argentina), she emphasized that the dog had never been aggressive, but that simply being so old, she felt invaded. “The dog is good, never bit anyone. It was a reaction that arose because he felt invaded. I don’t hold a grudge, I’m not angry or angry. I decided to take it in the best possible mood, ”said Lara.

Therefore, Molina emphasizes that it is important when we are not the puppy masters be alert to their reactions, in addition to respecting their space, because « without wanting we can invade their territory and can attack in defense of him or his master. »


To prevent any kind of attack or aggression by her furry friend, the experts give some advice. Rocío Cortés explains that it is important to perform a castration or ovariohysterectomy –Depending on the sex of the animal–, “to avoid a hormonal accumulation that triggers in aggressiveness »

For his part, Olga Molina says that « the more you know your pet, it is much easier to reduce a percentage of any aggressive event. » Y suggests doing courses in canine ethologyFor example, « at the Red Cross, they offer courses in which they teach pets to socialize with people and others of their kind, to do sports and other activities that help them to be calm, » he says.

Cortés adds that if the animal is very spoiled and new members (children) arrive in the family, to avoid a jealous attack, there should be a gradual approach between the animal and the infant, and “avoid the signs of affection in the presence of the animal « 

Molina adds that in those cases It is key not to leave children alone with the pet, if you leave with them, the dog should wear a muzzle and finally the pet should be taught that there is a new member in the family that is more important.

In addition, it is important not to change your habits: « Do not change the time of your meals or modify the place where you rest », in order to avoid behavioral changes.

To take into account

If you are attacked by a puppy or any other type of pet, you should see a doctor immediately, rinse the wound with water only and do not wrap it, unless there is bleeding.

* With information from ‘El Mercurio’ (Chile), GDA.