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«The Firefighters of Palma rescue a trapped dog that was in a panic because of the noise of the firecrackers». « It is very common that the most sensitive pets suffer from tachycardia, tremor, nausea, loss of control, and even die. » «Dani Rovira explodes against pyrotechnics: » Hopefully never fear a loved one of your family « , are some of the headlines that can be read on these dates that for some is joy and bustle and for others it means fear and even a terror that can cause them death.

These dates are the loudest of the year or so it seems. Music, screaming and … fireworks. They have a terrible time. From Tiendanimal ensure that both firecrackers and fireworks, Dogs and cats they get stressed and even in many cases have symptoms of anxiety and panic.

Usually the dog that feels an irrational fear of loud noises and usually react in two different ways depending on the situation they are in: try hide to avoid the problem or run away in terror to try to escape the situation that terrifies him.

To avoid or at least appease the suffering of our beloved pets we offer some recommendations to take into account these and other holidays.

1- While the fires are do not go out and keep the pet indoors. It is recommended that they are inside a room with the windows closed and a white noise, such as that of the television or radio, so that the animal is distracted from the lights and the noise of the fires. If your pet is a dog, it is best to take him for a walk in the afternoon so that at night he is tired and more likely to fall asleep or be more relaxed during the pyrotechnics show.

two- Identify the dog: In this case and always take your dog identified with a badge, as well as its chip (name, phone number). So if he escapes scared because of the noise to be able to locate him.

3- Watch it very closely but without interfering with your instincts in times of stress since they can react unexpectedly. Each animal is a world and they have their preferences when hiding or taking refuge: under the bed, in a closet or behind the curtains. You have to let them go to these places – they are their refuge – and there they feel safer and calmer. Also, if we force them out of hiding, their fear will panic and the situation will get worse. If things are done in a relaxed way, soon, our faithful friend will leave his hiding place.

4- If your animal is very nervous, we recommend that a few weeks before the holidays begin, go to your veterinary center and see if you can administer any type of relaxing or calming Suitable for dogs such as diffusers or pheromone collars that help calm our dog.