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Two women are injured by the same dog in two attacks in Villarreal – Health Insurance





Two women 49 and 87 years have suffered wounds this Monday to be attacked in two different attacks that occurred in Vila-real and starred by the same dog, of American Staffordshire Terrier breed, considered « dangerous », which has also injured another dog.

As reported by City Council sources of Vila-real, At 11.40 a call was received at 112 and another at 092 that alerted the aggression of one dog to another and the owner of the assaulted dog and both are injured.

Later he goes to the Local police another neighbor who « unfortunately » has crossed the same dog and has also suffered an attack.

According to sources from the Emergency Information and Coordination Center, a Basic Life Support Unit has been mobilized, whose team has assisted the two women, aged 49 and 87, each with an open wound in the bite hand and have been transferred to the University Hospital La Plana de Vila-real.

From the session they have indicated that the dog, a three and a half year old male, has all the documentation in order.

The Local Police have prepared the errands and the report to be sent to the court and the Department of Health of the City Council and, in accordance with the municipal protocol, the owner of the dog has been notified that he must put it in quarantine 14 days and all subsequent documentation will be requested from the health department.