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Two cats suffering from coronavirus in New York – Insurance for dogs

It is recommended that owners of cats and dogs keep them inside the home as much as possible, to avoid contact with people other than those in the household or other animals.

They are officially the first two pets affected by Covid-19 in the United States. Two cats have detected coronavirus patients in New York, said Wednesday, April 22, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC). The two animals suffered from respiratory problems but the veterinarians who examined them expect a full recovery, announced the CDC, the national public health authority.

In the case of the first cat, no member of the household showed symptoms of the disease. But in the absence of serological tests, it could not be determined whether one or more of them was carrying the virus. On the other hand, the master of the second feline tested positive for him.

While these are the first examples of contamination of pets in the United States, several cases have already been reported in the rest of the world. In Belgium, an infected cat has shown respiratory problems, while in Hong Kong and Wuhan animals have tested positive.

However, researchers and health authorities agree that to date there is no evidence that a domestic animal plays a role in the transmission of the virus to humans or other animals. . However, the CDC asks cat owners to keep them inside as much as possible, to avoid contact with people other than those in the home or other animals.