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Two and a half years in prison for the owner of four dogs that killed a man in Salamanca – Health Insurance





The Provincial Court of Salamanca He has sentenced two and a half years in jail for a crime of homicide for serious imprudence to the owner of the dogs that in February 2017 attacked a neighbor in the town of Santa Marta causing him to die.

The magistrates have acquitted him of a crime of falsehood of which only the lawyer of the deceased’s relatives accused him.

The Chamber considers that the animals escaped from the farm property of the accused as a result of a « gross negligence » of the latter, who left the door open, according to sources from the Press Office of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León.

In this regard, the sentence, which has already been notified to the parties, states that “as the day of the cars was left open the doors of the farm, as had happened on other occasions, so the defendant missed to the most elementary care and diligence that must be kept in this case due to the nature and danger of the animals, the four dogs went out to meet the victim and brutally attacked him until he was killed.

They acted in « pack »

The magistrates also affect the four dogs, who acted « in droves », they had already shown their aggressiveness since they had attacked another greyhound and faced their owner, the accused, especially the older dog or « alpha male. »

The court underlines the « negligence and serious neglect that the fact implies that despite the serious risk generated by the possession of such dangerous animals, the owner, the accused had no civil liability insurance, to deal with the serious and tragic consequences such as those in fact ».

The defendant must compensate the widow with 128,000 euros and pay 20,400 euros to each of the three children of the deceased.

The court acquits the veterinarian who vaccinated dogs in 2016 of the crime of documentary falsehood for which he was accused and for which the prosecutor requested a sentence of three and a half years in prison and disqualification for the exercise of his profession.

The Chamber considers that “it has not been proven that the truth was intentionally lacking in consigning the breed of the four dogs and stating in the passports or dog guides that belonged to the mastiff breed – that is, crossing with mastiff -, according to the statement Regarding the owner of the animals, it has not been proven that this breed was recorded knowing its falsity or with the purpose of allowing the accused to possess such potentially dangerous animals, which was not allowed to have a criminal record such as consequence of a conviction for a crime against public health ».