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Trains a guide dog for a girl with reduced mobility, simulates her robbery and ends up arrested | Radio Madrid – Health Insurance

The rocambolesque story began on Monday, January 20. The idea had to begin to weave before and took shape that day when an Aranjuez trainer He went to the police station to report a robbery. According to his story, a white van stopped next to the zebra crossing, four men, armed with a gun, got out of the vehicle, gunned down and asked for his money and, sideways, just before leaving, decided that they also wanted each other Take Pocahontas The dog who shares a name with Chief Powhatan’s daughter was just a few hours after being delivered to her true owner, a wheelchair Estepona girl. But he never arrived, because he left, kidnapped down the street, in that Renault Express.

The trainer walked through the media his grief or indignation or whatever that was. He related the benefits of Pocahontas, who had learned to turn on lights, who knew how to help those who needed it to dress … He even photographed himself with posters with the image of the sweet labrador, offering a reward of 800 euros to whoever will locate it. Pocahontas was lying on the training arena, facing the camera, almost posing. Now we know that he was never worried about having to pay the reward.

While the guy was doing his pain – feigned – ostentation, Pocahontas was at home, waiting for the next step of a plan that we still don’t know in depth. On the other side of the story, the police brigade of Aranjuez circled the complaint of the trainer. Too many contradictions, enough to alert the cops, who began to think that the gun and the van and the robber-dog mafia were perhaps a fable.

Until this Monday, the trainer who trained to be both a victim and a thief has been arrested. The police themselves announced it on Twitter. Pocahontas returns at the hands of the Bocalán Foundation. The kidnapped bitch is in good condition. « Now it is necessary to recover it so that she can continue her life as an assistance dog and companion of a girl with a disability, » says the foundation on her Facebook page. The hunted trainer faces a penalty for simulating a robbery. The police do not confirm the mobile, but everything indicates that he did it for economic reasons. I was looking for some monetary compensation. You have found an imputation and a possible fine between six and 12 months .