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Thousands of people demonstrate throughout Spain by a law that protects the dogs used for hunting | Society – Health Insurance

Thousands of people have demonstrated on Sunday in 39 cities throughout Spain, in addition to six Europeans, « against hunting, abuse, neglect and killing » of dogs used to hunt throughout Spain, and have demanded the approval of an animal protection law to ensure these dogs.

Convened by the Platform ‘No to the hunt’, These demonstrations have been taking place since 2011 on the first Sunday of February, date that coincides with the end of the hunting season with dogs (greyhounds, hounds, setters or pointers), « the cruelest of all hunting modalities. »

12,000 dogs abandoned during hunting season

« We ask for the end of hunting with greyhounds and other dogs hunting, which after the hunting season are abandoned, some thrown into wells or ravines, « says platform spokesman David Rubio, present at the concentration in Madrid.

According to Rubio’s complaint, at the end of the hunting season in February, about 12,000 dogs are abandoned, a « savage », and warns that not only dogs are abandoned in the month of February, but since October, month in which the hunting season begins.

In this sense, the platform denounces that there are « millions » animals that die every year, « victims of barbarism », of hunting. « It is not decent to do so in a State where the hunting lobby imposes its business or where the third parliamentary force intends to implement hunting or bullfighting as subjects in schools, and strives to pursue everything that discusses the supremacy of the Western white man, understanding its double meaning of gender and species, « says the Platform in a manifesto.

An activity that « lacks an excuse »

« From any perspective, in this millennium principle, they lack excuse human activities with funds and forms of the Middle Ages « , refers to hunting the platform, which also calls it « business, death, blood, torture, machismo », as well as « deterioration of nature, attack on wildlife, a symbol of abandonment of the rural environment, the worst of the classisms « and » noises of criminal shots where silence once dominated. « 

In addition to requesting the end of an activity that the platform considers « has as its goal the abuse of living beings », protesters have demanded the creation of a National Animal Protection Law that it fulfills « without hindrance its mission » so that Spain ceases to be, in its opinion, a « third country in terms of animal welfare ».

As indicated by Rubio, each autonomous community « does what it wants with its dogs », and sets an example to Castilla-La Mancha, whose Hunting Law allows killing abandoned dogs.