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This is Scotty, the oldest dog in Spain – Health Insurance

Carmen Aniorte




Scotty is a nice and adorable 24-year-old mongrel dog (equivalent to 168 years of age). It has the honor of being today the oldest dog in Spain And it may be that in the world. Scotty is a miracle of nature; but in 2016 the stories of Jack, the oldest dog in England who lived until 24-26 years old or of Maggie, a copy of the Kelpie breed, a dog dedicated mainly to grazing, who lived in Australia and who died at the 30 years … But in Guinness’s peculiar list of records The dog that has lived the most in history is an Australian dog named Bluey (he lived 29 years, between 1910 and 1939).

Scotty – our particular old man – leads a quiet and peaceful life according to his age. This mestizo, resides in Alicante and has far exceeded his life expectancy. Veterinary experts ensure that this animal has a brilliant genetics to what to add adequate food. The life expectancy of a dog breed is around 10-15 years, although as we say the care received and diet are variables that can be decisive.

There is a circumstance that the genetic component favors longevity quite a lot, and as the variety is rich, Mestizo dogs are longer than those with pedigree. Thus the average age of a mestizo rises to 16 or 18 years. Our protagonist Scotty at 24 years old has the aches and signs of his advanced age: gray hair, slower movements when walking, difficulty when going up and down the stairs …

An adapted diet

To the question we all ask ourselves about how Scotty continues to wag his tail with 24 years; we must say that there are many studies that guarantee that the secret – regardless of care – can be found in a diet adapted to your needs as a senior copy

These types of meals help them maintain their health and vitality, thereby improving their quality of life. For senior specimens, veterinarians recommend adapt your diet to your age since caloric and nutritional needs change as they age. Like humans, not all dogs age in the same way. You have to take into account where the animal develops its activity and the care it receives.

In the market there are currently a wide range of feed for dogs and cats of all ages. A revolution in the field of feeding our pets is Happets. Its about I only think of the market that adapts the recipe to the specific needs of each dog. This is the only personalized feed for dogs in the Spanish market.

It offers a food delivery service tailored to the requirements of the animal. In the five months they have been in the market they have prepared more than 15,000 personalized recipes which has filled nearly 65,000 bowls. In Scotty’s case, his liver is not that of a puppy and as a result he was losing weight. For him they prepared a feed in which not only their senior status was taken into account; but also your need to gain weight, as well as find an attractive taste for your palate.