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They steal a gun in hand from Pocahontas, a dog trained to help a girl with a disability – Health Insurance

Aitor Santos Moya




Pocahontas was ready to be the « Guardian angel » of a 15 year old girl with reduced mobility. Tomorrow, this affable two-year-old dog was going to be delivered to a family from Malaga, after being trained to become the shadow of her new owner. But not just any shadow. This labrador retriever, with a sweet look and black fur like the blight, had perfected his skills to the point of being able to open doors, turn on lights or help the person in need get dressed. A hard work that, far from materializing, was truncated dry last Monday when four individuals of gypsy ethnicity assaulted their caretaker gun in hand and snatched the animal. Since then, the search is desperate, to the point of offering a reward of 800 euros to recover it.

As every morning, Alfonso García trained with Pocahontas in Aranjuez, a town where the Bocalán Foundation has one of its bases, dedicated to work with assistance dogs to accompany people in situations of disability or social disadvantage. « I like to go to that area with the dog because they are wide streets without a lot of people or traffic, » explains the monitor in a telephone conversation with ABC. For a month, Pocahontas lived with him at his home, « to end the training continuously », with a dozen daily trials.

Shortly before noon, Alfonso and Pocahontas were standing in a zebra crossing, « to recognize where they should stop, » when a Renault Express van White stopped the march in front of them. « The two men in front of them got out of the vehicle and asked me for money, » he says, not knowing then what would happen next: « I told them I had nothing and they answered » how do you have no money? « When I wanted to realize, two other people came out of the back and threatened me with a gun.

The dog was going to be delivered today to a girl with a disability – BOCALÁN FOUNDATION

Prey of fear, Alfonso handed them his wallet, in which he kept 60 euros, the documentation and bank cards, with the aim of leaving without having to regret major damage. « But it was not like that. Before leaving, one of them looked at the dog and he told the rest that they were taking her, ”he adds, before they pulled a strap on his belt and put it in his arms inside the van. With the mobile phone forgotten at home, the caregiver ran quickly to the bar of the municipality where he works and called the foundation. After that, he collected the identification papers of Pocahontas and filed the corresponding complaint with the National Police, which in turn gave part to the Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard and the Local Police.

Of the descriptions provided by the victim, it is noted that the four malefactors they are men of gypsy ethnicity, two of them with long hair, of which one wears an earring in the nose. The other two remaining have short hair, wearing the older one shaved with details on the right side. Regarding their ages, three would be between the ages of 20 and 30 and the fourth from 30 to 40. It is suspected that they may reside in a town near the place of kidnapping.