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They rescue a blind and dying dog abandoned in a house in Alicante – Health Insurance





The Canine Unit of the Local Police of Alicante rescued a dog last Saturday on Poeta Pastor Street in a very serious state, dehydrated and dying, so an investigation was opened and the owner was found who is charged with an alleged crime of abandonment and animal abuse.

The agents located the small dog after an investigation, and immediately moved to the property about 6 pm, observing that the animal is blind and could have a skin disease, such as scabies or leishmaniosis. The Police urgently requested the presence of the animal guard who took charge of the dog.

After the rescue operation of the Canine Unit proceeded to read the chip, and to locate the owner of the animal, which is currently under investigation by an alleged crime of abandonment and animal abuse. Once the proceedings have been completed and the declarations taken, the file will be transferred to the Court.

The mayor of Security, José Ramón González, thanked the Canine Unit for the « excellent work that is being carried out daily in the city », while pointing out that citizen collaboration is essential and asked citizens if they observe any animal that is suffering abuse give notice to the police to act.