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They offer 1,000 euros to locate who abandoned nine puppies on a hill in La Coruña – Health Insurance




The independent animalist association «Free!» offers a reward of 1,000 euros « for providing some evidence » to help find the culprit or guilty of abandonment of nine puppies on a mountain road on November 21 in La Coruña.

The puppies were found by a volunteer of the animal shelter «Apadan». “It is the same place where they had abandoned five others in a suitcase last spring, and the dogs found are very similar. Most likely they are children of the same mother, ”explained the shelter in a post on Facebook.

According to « Apadan », so far this year, « more than 100 abandoned puppies » have been collected. « This is exhausting and unsustainable, » they say.

Regarding the latter case, « any information that may be useful to find those responsible for abandoning these children can be sent to our email ( and the association » Libera! « Undertakes to grant the economic reward [1.000 euros] if the information is achieved to undertake a process of law enforcement that seeks to end the « feeling of impunity » that lead not only to the crime of abandonment, but to reiterate it ».

The shelter, located in the municipality of Culleredo in Coruña, believes that «the mother of these puppies is almost certainly a female shepherd crossing who is constantly giving birth and lives almost safely in the area of ​​Carral, Culleredo or Cambre».

Regarding puppies, four males and five females those that the protector has baptized with names of mushrooms, « which is what should be collected in the bush at this time and not puppies, » are prepared for adoption.

It should be remembered that the Criminal Code states that «he who abandons an animal […] in conditions that could endanger your life or integrity will be punished with a fine of 1 to 6 months». In addition, according to the autonomous community, you can add a large economic penalty. For example, in the Community of Madrid, the sanction for animal abandonment can reach 45,000 euros.