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They investigate the death of a man whose head was devoured by his dogs in Santa Cruz de la Zarza – Health Insurance

Manuel Moreno



The Civil Guard is waiting for the autopsy results that clarify what caused Lorenzo’s death, a man of about 62 years found dead with numerous injuries at his home in Santa Cruz de la Zarza (Toledo) at the last minute Saturday afternoon. His body had a huge amount of bites caused by his own dogs, two animals that devoured his owner’s head.

It was a relative of Lorenzo who found his body in the corral of his house, located in the outskirts of this town of 4,300 inhabitants. Initially, the investigators of the Judicial Police Organ of the Civil Guard of Toledo shuffled a violent death because of the remains they found at the scene, a spokeswoman for the body told ABC.

However, it is now being considered that Lorenzo could have died from a heart attack, a hypothesis that circulates through the town, and then his dogs will give him the bites.