Insurance for Dogs

They investigate the case of a dog that could be abandoned in a well in Fuenlabrada | BE Madrid South | Time 14 South Madrid – Health Insurance

A call to 112 alerted the Anton unit of animal protection of Fuenlabrada of the existence of a dog, a American stanford, in a well about six meters deep located in the vicinity of the Camino de La Mula. The agents had to request the collaboration of the firefighters of the city to be able to remove the animal with guarantees, as he told BE Madrid South, the Head of the Environment and Animal Protection Unit, Antonio Vadillo.

Agents and firefighters treated the dog once it was rescued from the well.
/ @PoliciaFuenla

The animal no serious injuries that could have been caused if he had fallen of that height, in addition, the well was covered with « an iron forge lid », which makes it impossible for him to accidentally rush. However, Vadillo has not ruled in this regard, ensuring that they are investigating the case and « No hypothesis is ruled out ». What is true is that if the neighbor had not discovered the dog, he would have finished dying of thirst and hunger, because he could never leave the place where he was or where someone threw him.

The dog was carrying identification chip and the agents you know who owns it, despite the fact that, as Vadillo has said, “he no longer resides here, but outside the Community of Madrid ” and they haven’t managed to locate it. It has also confirmed that no complaint of loss, theft or loss of the dog has been made. So far, the dog has been transferred to the Animal Protection Center of the Fuenlabreño Town Hall.

According to article 337 bis of the Criminal Code the crime of abandonment animal is punished with fines which are fixed by the judge according to each case.

Asbestos spill in Pinto

On the other hand, the Pinto Local Police has denounced before the Department of Environment of the town a asbestos spill located on Thursday in a natural area near the industrial estate of El Cascajal.

It is about 30 uralite plates which are considered a hazardous spillage for health due to its asbestos composition. Therefore, the agents notified the finding to the council to proceed with its withdrawal, which should be performed by authorized professionals for this, encapsulating the material in order to avoid problems, as they have commented from the Police to this station. The same sources ensure that It is not usual to find these spills, if another type as debris that is thrown uncontrollably to the outskirts of the municipality.

It is not known who has left uralite plates in this area and it is believed that « It will be difficult » to locate the author, since there are no witnesses, nor any indication of who it could be, it could even be people who from other points have come to Pinto to leave this spill.