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They find a dog painted green crying and desperate for food – Health Insurance



Animal abuse knows no limits or boundaries. A young man from Malaysia, named Shazreen Othuman, has spread the image of a green painted dog And desperate to find food. The Facebook post where these photographs have appeared has accumulated hundreds of interactions since Sunday.

In the images the animal is observed looking for food in a garbage bag. «¡Idiot mentality that some humans have! », Othuman has denounced. However, painting (beyond humiliation) can be very harmful to animals, which can cause infections, injuries or Burns.

Although it does not reach that level of brutality, in China the dangerous idea of ​​a cafeteria that decided to paint some dogs of the chow-chow breed as if they were panda bears was very criticized a few weeks ago. The place opened its doors with six of these canids « disguised » as if they were panda, which also caused criticism and anger of Internet users.