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They find a dog alive under a building a month after the passage of Hurricane Dorian – Health Insurance




Sometimes, miracles exist. And the sample is this story: one month after the passage of hurricane Dorian, which left significant consequences especially in Bahamas, has found a live dog of only one year, which remained under the remains of a building that collapsed as a result of the passage of the cyclone. This was reported by « Big Dog Ranch Rescue », the largest dog rescue organization in the southern United States, through its social networks.

« We find our miracle. Rescuers didn’t see it, nobody saw it. They couldn’t hear a puppy that was hungry, dehydrated, too weak to complain. That is our miracle », the organization has published in its Instagram account.

According to the organization on their website, they are using a special technology to locate and save trapped dogs under the rubble left by Hurricane Dorian, which has served to find this animal, which they have named « Miracle, » which translates as a miracle. It was found under a air conditioner, and is receiving the necessary treatment to save his life.

The founder and president of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, Lauree Simmons, said that despite finding him alive, the dog was very bad: «It is amazing that we were able to find this dog alive after being trapped for so long. We’re using the latest technologies To find these animals. In this case, the drones played a key role ».

The organization says that, to date, they have been able to rescue 138 dogs in the Bahamas, which separated from their families when they were evacuated before the arrival of the hurricane. Many have returned with them, but others are in a shelter waiting for someone to decide to adopt them.