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They denounce the ‘expulsion’ of a user with her guide dog in a shoe store in Valencia | Valencia Radio – Health Insurance

A woman with her guide dog was expelled « in an angry manner and disrespectful » of a shoe store in the city of Valencia so he filed the corresponding complaint with the National Police, as reported by the Brotherhood of San Antonio Abad after receiving a communication on these facts of the Association of Dog Users Guide of the Valencian Community (AsPeGuiCV).

According to the brotherhood in a statement, the Association has told him how last Monday, December 16, Maite, a user of a guide dog belonging to this entity had an « unpleasant incident » in a shoe store located on Peris Avenue and Valero de Valencia .

According to these sources, in the establishment « he was denied entry with his guide dog in an angry manner and disrespecting« . » The user tried to explain the guide dog’s rules and the owner’s reaction was to take the harness of the animal and force it to leave the premises. « 

After a discussion « heated » the user, owner of a tan labrador in the United States, decided to call the police to mediate, so a patrol car came. The woman filed a complaint about the facts the next day.

« The Association of the visually impaired requests greater awareness and solidarity so that these events do not happen again and blind or visually impaired people who need mobility aids, such as the cane or guide dog, are not discriminated against, « they claim.

Since last year the Association of Dog Users Guide of the Valencian Community maintains contact with the Brotherhood to « publicize and disseminate the work they do with their dogs and thus raise public awareness of the rights that protect them and how to act with they ».

« Are your eyes wherever they go and it is mandatory to know at all times what it is and the usefulness of a guide dog with a blind person, « they conclude from the Brotherhood.