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The viral reaction of a dog when its owner pretends to drown in a pond – Health Insurance




The video of a dog that runs and throws itself into the water to help its owner, who pretends to drown, has been viralized in recent days between praising the animal for showing his protective instinct in a seemingly difficult time.

Phan Chinh Tuyen from VietnamHe was swimming in a pond when he decided to test his dog’s loyalty. He began to pretend he was drowning, between splashes, while shouting the name of the animal.

The dog, before the call for help, begins to run until it approaches the edge of the pond; then, jump into the water and approach the man.

He takes his hand out of the water, at which point the dog « bites » her and drags her to the stairs.

The recording accumulates more than 16 million views only on Twitter, receiving hundreds of comments; While some point out that the dog could have been trained for emergency situations, most applaud the dog’s bravery.