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The tireless struggle to survive Ragnar, the dog rescued from the most brutal abuse – Health Insurance




With worms everywhere, dehydrated and abandoned Luckily, that’s how a neighbor in Elche found Ragnar, a mastiff dog, next to a container last week.

The man did not think twice and told Footprints Saved, a protective association of animals, to provide the necessary help to the dog. Since then, the team has completely turned to recovery. « He’s still alive, he’s still breathing and therefore we’re going to fight for him. »

And the call worked. After spreading the hard history of the animal in its social networks, a wave of people contacted the association to contribute its grain of sand and pay for the treatments that were to be done.

« They have not anesthetized Ragnar, » he wrote Footprints Saved on his Twitter profile this morning. «It was too risky. He has behaved like a brave and the tests are acceptable, except for the head as expected … They don’t know if it is a tumor or a very serious infection, so we have to wait for the biopsy results ».

The mastiff continues to fight for his life while recovering from the deep wounds that still mark his skin. The association asks for financial contributions to deal with the tests and treatments you are receiving, since in less than 24 hours they accumulate invoices of more than 1,000 euros.

The Police of Elche ensures that it has already initiated an investigation for a possible case of animal abuse and asks for citizen collaboration for any neighbor who has recognized the dog.