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The story of Narwhal, the « unicorn dog » that was abandoned after birth with a tail on his forehead – Health Insurance




He is nicknamed « the unicorn dog » and is a sensation on social networks. Narwhal he was found with hypothermia and some frozen fingers in a street of Jackson, Missouri (USA) on November 9. It was hosted by the animal rescue organization «Mac’s Mission» and his only, but great peculiarity, is that he was born with A little tail on his forehead.

The puppy, which according to the workers of the organization could have about 10 weeks, was baptized with the name of Narwhal in reference to the narwhal, a known aquatic species as « marine unicorn ».

« It seems completely healthy, apart from some common worms in puppies for which he received medication, » Mac’s Mission said on Facebook.

A group of veterinarians X-ray scanned the animal’s face. The results, according to « CNN », showed that the tail was not connected to anything. It has no real use, but it also does not cause pain, so they did not find a medical reason to eliminate it. « The tail of the face does not bother Narwhal, » added the organization on the social network.

After its viralization, « Mac’s Mission » has received dozens of requests to adopt the puppy. However, the founder of the organization, Rochelle Steffen, hopes that some of those who call for Narwhal « can be persuaded to take one of the other dogs. »

The animal, which some media say could be mix of dachshund (dachshund) and terrier, was part of a litter that « quickly dispersed » and that the organization’s staff is trying to locate.

Speaking to « The Washington Post, » Brian Heuring, one of the veterinarians who examined Narwhal, shows his insecurity about the reason the tail could have caused in the face. However, the medium adds, the answer could be in a phenomenon known as «Fetal resorption», which in the case of dogs can occur after the disintegration and assimilation of one or more fetuses in the uterus, which could lead, for example, for a fetus’s brother to take some of its parts.