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The Spaniards consider their dogs to be happier than them – Health Insurance





People who live with a dog consider that their pet is happier than them themselves by placing their happiness index at 9 points out of 10, while that of their own owners does not reach 7 points, according to a study by the Affinity Foundation.

According to the analysis carried out on the occasion of World Animal Day, which is celebrated this Friday, and in collaboration with the Affinity Animals and Health Foundation Chair of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), there are several factors that influence the dog is happier than humans.

Among those factors is the emotional closeness with people. Thus, 90% of respondents say that living with a dog provides them with constant company, while 80% their pet helps them overcome difficult times, according to a statement from the entity.

Respondents believe that the quality of life of their pets « is more than 8 points out of 10 », despite the fact that dogs « they spend 5 hours, on average, a day alone at home and take 2 daily walks ».

The director of the Affinity Foundation Chair, Jaume Fatjó, said that « our study suggests that we should work to better explain to people how a dog sees and experiences the world, and what is important for him to feel happy. »