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The secret of Scotty, the longest-lived dog in Spain, to reach 24 years of life – Health Insurance





Scotty is the oldest dog in Spain. He has turned 24, the equivalent of 168 years of a human being. This mestizo, who has his residence in Alicante, has far exceeded his life expectancy for his « brilliant genetics » and is having a good old age. Another of the keys to this longevity could be explained by its feeding.

Scotty eat a personalized feed prepared by the experts of Happets, a company that, through subscriptions, designs à la carte menus for mascostas. In just five months, he has prepared 15,000 custom recipes in Spain. Scotty has become his most popular customer.

In fact, according to company sources, the life expectancy of a purebred dog it is placed on a fork between ten and fifteen years old, « Although the care received and food are variables that can influence ».

The genetic component favors longevity, and as the variety is rich, mongrel dogs are longer than purebred dogs. The half-life of a dog without pedigree or mongrel it amounts to sixteen or eighteen.

Even so, this mestizo is exceeding any prognosis: with 24 years Scotty is, as of today, the longest living dog in Spain.

The pet food firm stresses that « there are many studies that support that a diet adapted to the needs of a senior dog it will help preserve your health and vitality, thus improving your quality of life ».

In this regard, they remember, «veterinarians recommend adapting the diet to their senior status because The caloric and nutritional needs of dogs are changing as they get older ».

Image of Scotty when he was six years old – ABC

At 24, Scotty, although he only presents the age-old ailments (gray hair, slower movements when walking, some difficulty climbing up and down stairs), needs a personalized diet perfectly adapted to his needs. His liver is aging and consequently he was losing weight.

Therefore, in Happets they formulated a feed especially for him that not only took into account his status as a senior dog but also his need to gain weight, in addition to his taste preferences.

Today, this mestizo can boast of being the oldest dog in Spain.