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The rottweiler that killed its owner was not registered as dangerous – Health Insurance

M. J. Álvarez




None of the three dogs of potentially dangerous breed, Rottweilers crossed with Pitbulls, which includes the one who attacked his owner until killing him last Sunday in Coslada had the documentation in order. They were not registered in the municipal registry of potentially dangerous animals of the town hall of the locality or in that of the Community of Madrid, as required by the municipal ordinance and the regional law. This was indicated yesterday by municipal sources. Therefore, its owner and victim of the aggression, Miguel Ángel S. G., 48, He lacked permission to have them.

However, they stated that the the only one that was registered in the town hall was the greyhound. The two large animals, the male and the female, have a microchip, the DNI of the dog, but not their offspring, a dog.

The animals were removed from the house, located on Calle de las Corbeteras, number 13, of the Station Polygonby agents of the Canine Unit of the Local Police. They made use of special suits to avoid bites. They were transferred to a Protection Center located in Mejorada del Campo. The judge in charge of the case ordered that the dogs be practiced DNA analysis to pinpoint who the attacker was. Then, based on the reports, its future will be determined: that is, whether it should be slaughtered or not, like the other dogs of a potentially dangerous breed depending on their status.

Mar, the victim’s wife, told her neighbors and family when she went out into the street completely bloody and covered only by a shirt, which had been the dog. «He killed him. He has killed him, ”he repeated hysterically.

It has no mobile

Her husband’s body was yesterday in the Coslada funeral home, waiting for the autopsy to be performed. The dog, very aggressive, shattered his head and face causing death practically on the spot. Apparently, according to the first signs everything points to an accident.

Relatives of the victim asked for respect for the terrible tragedy they suffer. «There’s nothing weird here, just a disgrace. These are very humble people. Mar barely knows how to read, suffers an intellectual deficiency and he had lost an ear. They were in the living room when Michelangelo, afflicted with chronic bronchitis (and smoker of 40 cigarettes a day), gave a strong coughing attack. She hit him on the back, and scared because it did not pass, shouted his name, the dog turned, knowing why and destroyed him, ”said a friend without wanting to say his name. “It may take time for her to react because it is difficult for her to lock up the animal and she didn’t call 112 but a brother-in-law shouting through her nerves. It has no mobile. Tension broke out between the family at the time the deceased was at home with only the dogs. There’s no more ».

This man denied that the couple argued and that could be the trigger of the attack. The dog that attacked him gave it to the victim; then he crossed it with the male and they stayed with a puppy. And, he denied, bluntly, that the deceased used dogs to stir people up. « It is true that they did not buy them I think because of lack of resources, they fed them what they could. » His relatives did not know if Michelangelo had the vaccinated animals and their administrative situation.

«I heard he said once that he had to make them insurance that cost a lotor, ”a neighbor told Efe. Enrolling a greyhound is a free procedure, but the possession of a rottweiler requires, in addition to paying 70 euros, a certificate of not having been sanctioned for serious or very serious infractions for possession of dangerous animals and lack of background.