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The Platform « No to the Hunt » is cited in Segovia to request the prohibition of this practice with greyhounds | Radio Segovia | Present – Health Insurance

Coinciding with the end of the hunting season with greyhounds in Spain, 39 Spanish and five European cities have taken to the streets to denounce the negative consequences of hunting in Spain. Among them, the abuse that entails in greyhounds, hounds and other dog breeds. The NAC Platform (No to the Hunt) coordinates these demonstrations and has the support of more than 600 associations, platforms and political parties.

According to the protectors, Around 50,000 greyhounds are discarded every year, Gonzalo Vírseda, coordinator of the NAC Segovia Platform, has pointed out that hunting is the second cause of abandonment of this animal. To this figure should be added podencos, setters, pointers and other races used for hunting. This is because many of them are not valid, they are slow, they do not have qualities required to hunt or « they are old » is pointed out from the Platform.

NAC vindicates the creation of a state animal protection law That fulfills its task without hindrance.

Spanish protectors and kennels are packed with abandoned animals, many of them greyhounds, podencos, other dogs used for hunting. Therefore, the adoptions of other countries such as Germany, Holland, Belgium, France and Italy, among others, are a great help but it is a temporary solution.