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In Mairiporá, rural area of ​​São Paulo (Brazil), international fights of pitbull dogs were carried out. These are events with a large organization and have been carried out in other countries of the world. As reported by the AFP news agency, last year the organization operated in the Dominican Republic.

The macabre scene found by the police officers who were part of the operation came to impress Matheus Laiola, commissioner of the Parana Civil Police, who said that in his 13 years in the public force « he had never seen anything like that ».

The commissioner explained that, in unfortunate conditions, the dogs fought among themselves and on the premises bets were made by the winner. It is even mentioned that the fights were transmitted and could also bet from other countries.

The pit bulls, Laiola reports, were trained and they were not given water or food for days, that in order to « be more stressed when fighting. »

Following an anonymous complaint, officers were able to identify the farm in Mairiporá, where the fights were taking place. Upon arrival, police found injured and dead dogs. Some were dying, Laiola said.

Officers found several dead and injured dogs.


Paraná AFP Civil Police

One of the most macabre images, according to the commissioner’s statements recorded by AFP, was the body of a pit bull that was being roasted to eat, something that the commissioner described as « a horror scene ».

One of the detainees is a veterinarian who was trying to revive a pit bull to fight again that same night.

In the operation last weekend 41 people were arrested, including a Mexican, an American (who officiated as a referee of the fights) and a Peruvian. Now, Laiola explained, it is investigated how much money was moving in these types of events.

AFP said that during the capture, 47,000 reais (a little less than 40 million pesos) were found and that one of the pit bulls was being sold for fights for a price of 200,000 reais (263 million pesos).

The charges for which the detainees will be charged are those of organization for crime, animal abuse and gambling practices.

Several countries in the world have already adopted certain public policies, laws and sanctions to eradicate animal abuse. In Colombia, Law 1774 of 2016 penalizes those who harm animals with their acts.

In the article It is established that animals are ‘sentient beings’ and attempt against them would mean fines of up to 60 current legal monthly minimum wages and up to 36 months in prison.

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