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The Palma Firefighters rescue a trapped dog who was in a panic over the noise of firecrackers – Health Insurance




The firecrackers and fireworks they are part of the tradition of New Years EveHowever, its consequences can endanger the lives of some animals, especially sensitive to the loud noise they produce.

The firefighters of Palma de Mallorca had to carry out around 6.30 a.m. rescue of a dog what, scared by firecrackers, it was encased between a column and a wall.

The agents smeared the animal with oil to be able to pull it out of the narrow space where it was trapped without hurting it, an operation in which it took about 30 minutes, reports Efe.

The president of the College of Veterinarians of Malaga, Antonio Villalba, already requested this Tuesday reduce the use of pyrotechnic devices during New Year’s Eve and the rest of the Christmas holidays due to the damage and damages that can be caused to people and animals.

In this sense, the president of the College of Veterinarians of Malaga has specified that, on the one hand, “we are causing discomfort to the elderly, sick and babies; and the damage increases in the case of dogs, cats and birds, to the point that the loud noise of the pyrotechnics can produce heart attacks or disease outbreaks such as epilepsy».

A dog has four times more hearing ability

« This is a serious problem that requires a necessary awareness by rocket fans and firecrackers about the adverse and dangerous effects that, unintentionally, can cause, » Villalba said in a statement, while He gave as an example that a dog has four times more hearing capacity than a person, so that the noise of a rocket «comes to produce real terror».

In this way, he said, it is very common for pets more sensitive to this type of noise to suffer tachycardia, tremor, nausea, loss of control, and even death. « It is worth it that before lighting the fuse, users of any type of pyrotechnics think twice, » he said.

Villalba has also recommended to the owners of these pets that, apart from joining this claim, seek, as far as possible, avoid animal discomfort by not leaving them alone near a place where pyrotechnics are usually used; find them somewhere in the home where they can feel more protected when such episodes occur; avoid walking through places where firecrackers or fireworks can be thrown; Help them with soothing massages, or put on relaxing music and play with them to try to divert their attention from the focus that scares them.