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The owner of Keira files the complaint for the death of her dog | Radio Bilbao – Health Insurance

Listen to the interview with Silvia Madrazo, owner of Keira

Keira, a doberman of only 3 years, died Monday by ingesting grass with poison in a park of Portugalete. Silvia Madrazo, its owner, filed a complaint yesterday at the City Council for her death.

It all started last Friday, as Madrazo has said today in Hoy por Hoy Bilbao. The woman took her dog for a walk in the area known as El Hoyo, in La Florida park, next to a friend and her dogs. There several people alerted him that there could be sausages with pins inside, so they both took their pets out of the park.

As he has said, they continued to walk around the area when he observed that one of her friend’s dogs vomited « grass with enough foam. » Finally, both decided to return home.

« It was something before five in the afternoon when Keira started vomiting until suddenly, she started to take blood and we took her to the vet to run, » he said.

Once there, they were told that it looked « bad », which seemed to be « poison. » Madrazo did not hesitate and hurried to put it on the Facebook page, to alert other owners and so they would not take their dogs to that area.

They were complicated days. « On Sunday he had an improvement. He got up and asked me to pee, » he recalled. However, « after lying down after peeing, he did not get up again, » he lamented.

Madrazo asks for increased vigilance so that this does not happen again. This Sunday, at 12 noon, a rally has been convened in the Florida park in support of relatives of poisoned pets. There will also be a whisk to look for strange elements that can affect dogs.