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The original trick so that a rabbit afraid of the stoneware floor can walk on it – Health Insurance




Rabbits are also afraid and instead tell Javi, the owner of a small gray rodent called « Pini » who is panicking the stoneware floor.

A few days ago a video went viral in which it showed how the animal was unable to go through a room in his house due to fear. Tired of seeing how his pet could not move freely, its owner devised an infallible plan to get him to move around the house without problem: puzzle pieces.

Thus, when «Pini» approached the area that he feared so much, its owner placed huge pieces of foam so that the animal could jump from one to another.

It is not the first time that an original solution to such situations becomes viral. A few years ago the actor Theron Zahn devised a fluffy bridge so that his pet could jump through all the rooms of the house

The rabbit, which in this case feared the wooden floors, had no qualms when it came through jumping from towel to towel.

Two very original tricks for these cute animals to overcome their peculiar fears.