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The NAC Platform warns that hunting is ‘an attack on biodiversity’ | BE Ciudad Real – Health Insurance

About twenty people, accompanied by their dogs, mostly greyhounds have demonstrated in Ciudad Real against hunting. Protest that has been held in 39 other cities in Spain, including the capitals of the region coinciding with the end of the season.

Several protesters with their dogs in the concentration of the Plaza Mayor of Ciudad Real
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Our region is one of the CCAAS where hunting activity is most practiced and according to the convening platform NAC, No to the Hunt, one of the most affected by the abandonment of animals in these dates where more traffic accidents are recorded by the run over of an animal. It is estimated that at the national level there are more than 100,000 dogs that appear without owners on our roads, many of which end up run over and worse, hung in the mountains, many of them are welcomed in protective, in painful conditions, according to warns Silvia Ares, representative of NAC in Ciudad Real.

Demonstration in which they have shown that lHunting is an attack on biodiversity, millions of tons of lead are left in the ground, a pollutant consumed by animals and finally ending up in our rivers and seas. They consider that many dogs are « victims » and also the pieces that are hunted.

They ask that animals be respected, that they are not used as a tool for an activity that they understand is no longer necessary and so many reports endorse it, reiterating that laws must be improved to ensure respect for animals, remembering how the Castilla La Mancha law before being reformed, it allowed dogs or feral expenses to be killed. And with regard to the fact that hunting or bullfighting even reaches the classrooms, they consider that the schools are for training in values.