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The most common mistakes when walking your dog: this is how you should do it | Society – Health Insurance

Until last year about thirteen million pets were registered across the country. Mainly dogs, as the president of the Spanish Network of Identification of Pets (REIAC), Armando Solís, announced a few months ago The country: « There are more pets than children under 15 years. »

However, and although dogs are increasingly present in our day-to-day lives, there are still many people who do not know how to walk our pets properly. This was announced by the founder and president of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, in statements to Fox, where it reveals some of the most common mistakes we make when taking our pet for a walk.

Do not take your dog only to do his needs

The first, and the most recurrent of them all, is to walk our dog or our dog just to make his needs: « It’s more than a break to go to the bathroom, it’s an excursion. » From Newkirk’s point of view, the walks are like a kind of adventure for our friends: « It is a very special occasion for the dog to go outside to smell and watch. »

For the same reason, and since animals do not want to be trapped in a single room throughout the day, the founder of the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recommends leaving dogs and bitches to enjoy their walk: « Let them smell! That’s how they read the news, it’s their private Internet, don’t drag them. »

Leave the mobile aside

Therefore, and given that it is a special moment for him, the president of PETA has asked the owners and owners to be more attentive to their peers during the walk. Among other things, Newkirk asks that we put the cell phone aside and pay attention to our dog or our dog: « People are so focused on their own things that they ignore animals. »

Finally, and regarding the debate about whether the dog should collar or harness when going for a walk, Newkirk is clear: « You better go with a harness. «  In his view, necklaces can cause many problems. Mainly those stranglers or tip. For the same reason, and as far as possible, it is recommended to use a harness rather than a collar from those mentioned above.