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The Maternal and Child of Malaga implants a pioneer dog therapy unit | Society – Health Insurance

The Regional University Hospital of Malaga has launched a canine therapy unit that has two trained dogs that will offer rehabilitation sessions to patients of the Maternal and Child Hospital.

Thanks to the association Aspanoma, this activity It will be held one day a week for three hours with children admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and, in the future, in the oncohematology plant of the health center, as reported in a statement.

Weekly and with a total duration of three hours, this service is part of the humanization program of the health center, which incorporates this benefit in order to add a plus in health care through games and socialization forto favor the stay and recovery of patients.

Intention to consolidate over time

The project, whose idea was developed in 2017 at the ICU of Pediatrics of the hospital following the reading by its professionals of various scientific publications, has been launched in December and intends consolidate over time thanks to the participation of the Aspanoma association, which has reached an agreement with the Malaga company Tiendanimal and Royal Canin, which will cover the cost of therapy with the trained dogs of the training company Hachiko.

The initiative has two phases. A first, which is already working, in the ICU of Pediatrics and, a second, which will work with children selected from the Oncohematology plant and that will be implemented throughout 2020.

These therapies have the supervision of the Preventive Medicine service, which has established a strict action protocol so that the presence of dogs in the hospital environment Do not involve risks. In addition, all animals meet all hygienic requirements to perform therapy.

The section chief of the ICU of Pediatrics of the Maternal and Child Hospital, José Camacho, has indicated that « It is shown that contact with animals improves recovery and reduces anxiety of admitted patients.

Also, the co-therapists in charge of the dogs, according to pediatricians, physiotherapists and other members of the assistance team establish activities directed according to the characteristics of the child with the ultimate goal of favoring its recovery, « he added.

Decrease stress levels

In addition, he pointed out that this benefit not only benefits patients, but can also help in reducing the stress levels of parents, helping them to deal more effectively with the situation.

In this sense, the president of Aspanoma, Juan Manuel Salas, has shown his satisfaction for having facilitated from his organization the realization of these rehabilitation sessions. « We think that canine therapy brings benefits to children’s emotional health and of the families that spend long stays in the hospital, which will help them to make the road less difficult and more bearable. This is our reason for being, « said the head of the association of fathers and mothers of children affected with cancer.

He also recalled that these therapies also represent a benefit in the health status of children, since at the motor level plays an important role for the rehabilitation of patients, always under the prescription of doctors, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

The dogs trained by Hachiko – Freckles and Garbanzo – have all the permits and vaccination certificates, in addition to civil liability insurance. On the other hand, they have a regular review of their health status, through analytics that verify phytosanitary conditions.