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the man arrested with muzzle blows indicted and imprisoned – Insurance for dogs

The video of his muscular arrest in Toulouse with muzzle shots went around social networks. A man has been charged and placed in pre-trial detention for violence against persons holding public authority, the prosecution said on Thursday.

Arrested during the night of April 24 to 25, he was prosecuted for « violence with a weapon, death threats, violence against persons in charge of public authority, rebellion, carrying and possession of a Category C weapon, administration of harmful substances » , said the Toulouse prosecution.

This muscular arrest had aroused the indignation of human rights defenders while the police unions invoked the dangerousness of an individual presented as a psychiatric patient.

Difficult questioning

« After an altercation with a neighbor, he was found on the public highway with a rifle. Entrenched at his home, after negotiations for several hours, he was transported to the hospital from which he fled by threatening a police officer. security « , according to the prosecution.

« Spotted on a street by the police, his arrest was particularly difficult because of his opposition and his impressive size. The conditions of this arrest are under investigation, « concluded the prosecution.

« My client has no psychiatric liabilities as we have said. The facts reported by the police are very dependent, » said David Lanes, adding that he had appealed the detention ordered Wednesday .

In the footage filmed during the night of Friday to Saturday in the Purpan area, where there is a teaching hospital, we can see a policeman hitting a man in the face with his muzzle while other officers try to control him on the ground.

Escape from a psychiatric ward

According to the lawyer, the facts took place in two stages. In the evening of Friday to Saturday, the man threatened with « an old unloaded rifle » one of his neighbors who came to his house asking for rolling papers.

« Called by the neighbor, the gendarmes then went to his home, where they found a hatchet and an old rifle. As he had absorbed a large quantity of tranquilizer, they called the firefighters who took him to the emergency room. Purpan Hospital, « said the lawyer.

The 50-year-old then decided to leave the emergency room against the doctor’s advice and left as the hospital security service attempted to intervene. Then spotted by a police patrol that dropped a dog on him, he was bitten and had his hand in blood, according to his advice.

« When he was bleeding, he told them that he was sick, that he had hepatitis. He wanted to warn the police and they knew it was a threat, » said Mr. Lanes. « You can’t arrest someone that way. He had no weapons on him, he was searched before being taken care of by the firefighters, » he said.

As of Sunday, the union SGP Police union, had justified the methods of arrest evoking an individual of « 1m90 for 130 kilos (…) who had escaped from a psychiatric ward, designated as psychologically unstable and potentially in possession of a grenade and a handgun « .

The LDH of Toulouse for its part denounced the « violence » of the arrest calling the images shocking.