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the EMU and a cavalry squad join the search for the missing girl – Health Insurance





Seeking Marta Calvo, the 25-year-old girl disappeared in Manuel (Valencia), has resumed on Tuesday in the town and its surroundings, a task that has been incorporated by the Military Emergency Unit (UME) and the Civil Guard cavalry squadron .

More of 150 people make up the search device activated, after the rain that fell on Monday in the area forced to temporarily suspend the search of the young woman, of which there is no news from the past November 7.

Sources from the Civil Guard have told EFE that specialized agents of the Corps, such as those of citizen security, the dog unit and the cavalry squad, and personnel of the EMU, participate in the search operation of this day, but the helicopter cannot act, due to bad weather conditions.

The delegate of the Government in the Valencian Community, Juan Carlos Fulgencio, said Monday that the search area was being « very wide » and praised the « great effort » of the Civil Guard, in an area that presents its «Complications». Regarding the investigation, he indicated that he is advancing « slowly » because there are « few traces ».

The man with whom the young and presumed responsible for his disappearance, Jorge Ignacio P.J., was has not been located. Agents have registered both Manuel’s home – where the girl was summoned with him and communicated to her mother the location on Whatsapp – as well as another where she had lived in Olleria. They also located a vehicle of their property that had tried to be scrapped and that has also been analyzed for clues.