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The dog that helped find Diana Quer, Laura Luelmo or Gabriel Cruz dies from a heart attack – Health Insurance




Has died of a heart attack at three years Marley, the Civil Guard dog specialized in the detection of biological remains that has participated in numerous investigations of relevant cases in recent months, such as the case of the skull that appeared in a box in Castro Urdiales.

According to Efe informed on Monday sources of the Civil Guard, Marley, a water dog and with a long history of police collaborations throughout Spain, he died this Sunday after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Son of Hercules and Lola, among his most recent missions is the search for the corpse of the computer scientist José Antonio Delgado, neighbor of Guecho (Vizcaya), which was discovered on October 1 after his disappearance in the province of Zaragoza.

Delgado was tricked into a sexual date by a Venezuelan woman and her Moroccan partner, who killed him after stealing her vehicle – which they would sell later – and their belongings.

With Marley was also counted for inspection that, at the end of September, the wife of Castro Urdiales was investigated in the house of María del Carmen MG, investigated for the disappearance of her partner, the Jesús Jesús BR Bilbao, whose skull appeared in a box she had given to a friend days before.

He was also present at the Tracking the place where little Gabriel Cruz He was buried by his father’s girlfriend and confessed and convicted murderer, Ana Julia Quezada, on a family farm in Níjar (Almería) in March 2018.

Elton, now retired, Marley was seconded in the discovery, on December 31, 2017, of the lifeless body of the young Madrid-born Diana Quer in a well of an abandoned industrial building of the parish of Asados ​​in Rianjo (A Coruña), about twenty kilometers from where it disappeared on August 22, 2016.

Marley, along with his partner Athos, he also helped solve the murder from the councilor of the United Left in Llanes (Asturias) Javier Ardines.

Expert of the human remains detection team, the sources consulted have considered him as one of the best dogs of the armed institute.