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The contest for the collection of animals in Gandia has been declared void | Radio Gandia – Health Insurance

The Gandia City Council has declared desert the contest for the hiring of the animal collection service after the end of the deadline, last Friday 20th, without having presented any protector to the call.

We remind that the town hall, in order to favor the award to protectors of the regional scope, only required third party liability insurance in the last statement, eliminating even having to prove economic solvency. Still, no protector has come forward.

Now, the session, after giving up the contest, has to convene a negotiated procedure without advertising. To do this, the session is forced to invite 3 protectors and technicians should assess the proposals.

If no protective suit is presented, the contest will open again within 20 days, this time for protectors and companies dedicated to the collection of animals, as explained by the Councilor for Health, Liduvina Gil.