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the Civil Guard rescues seven hunting dogs in Alicante – Health Insurance





The Nature Protection Service (Seprona) of the Civil Guard He has rescued seven hunting dogs from a Penáguila farm (Alicante), whose owner had them in « bad » hygienic-sanitary conditions, according to a statement from the body.

When conducting the inspection with a veterinarian, agents were able to certify that the animals were packed with fleas and wounds. And even, one of them had an inguinal hernia.

They also did not have food or water within reach at the time of inspection and were tied with a short leash that barely let them lie down.

The enclosure where they were also presented « precarious conditions », because it lacked sufficient ventilation and lighting for dogs, says the press release.

The fact that had no water and sinks it increased the difficulties for washing and disinfecting the kennels, which led to the accumulation of animal depositions, according to the armed institute.

As for elementary health and documentary regulations, there were four of the seven unidentified dogs. In addition, neither vaccination nor deworming were up to date.

It has been agreed as a precautionary measure to intervene the seven dogs, which have been transferred to the facilities of the Animal Protection of Ibi (Alicante).

Likewise, the Seprona of the Civil Guard He has denounced the owner of the dogs, a 62-year-old man, for various violations of Law 4/94, of July 8, of the Generalitat Valenciana, on the Protection of Pets. Violations of this law are sanctioned with fines ranging from 30 to 18,000 euros, the statement said.

The press release reminds that the Civil Guard has launched the #YoSiPuedoContar campaign against animal abuse that allows reporting any such case or abandonment via telephone 062 or email